Integrated P.G. Degree Programmes awarded by the Annamalai .. The filled in Online application should be downloaded and sent with all. through the University's renowned Distance Education Centre with .. Students: Entrance/Course Application fees concession is granted to. Click and download the prospectus and read all the instruction before proceeding to fill the application. course (M.A.,,M.C.A.,M.B.A.,,M.

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The Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University was established in and write up the diary pages that you will find at the end of this Prospectus. can be downloaded Programmes, unless otherwise specified. Madurai Kamaraj University started correspondence courses as early as. Soon Annamalai and Madras Universities followed by establishing directorates. Annamalai University, one of the largest unitary, teaching, and residential universities in various UG and PG Programmes, besides serving the rural population through its through its Directorate of Distance Education, it takes education to the .. Hall ticket and Examination schedule can be downloaded from our website.

This scoping review was therefore undertaken to review the current status of MPH programmes in India.

Information on MPH programmes was obtained using a two-step process. First, a list of all institutions offering MPH programmes in India was compiled by use of an internet and literature search. Second, detailed information on each programme was collected via an internet and literature search and through direct contact with the institutions and recognized experts in public health education.

Between and —, the number of institutions offering MPH programmes increased from 2 to The eligibility criteria for the MPH programmes are variable. All programmes include some field experience.

The ratio of faculty number to students enrolled ranged from In the — academic year, places were being offered on MPH programmes but only students were enrolled. MPH programmes being offered in India have witnessed a rapid expansion in the past two decades.

This growth in supply of public health graduates is not yet matched by an increased demand. Despite the recognized need to strengthen the public health workforce in India, there is no clearly defined career pathway for MPH graduates in the national public health infrastructure. Institutions and public health bodies must collaborate to design and deliver MPH programmes to overcome the shortage of public health professionals, such that the development goals for India might be met.

Current status of master of public health programmes in India: a scoping review. Public health is a vital part of any health system and is ultimately responsible for reducing health risks and maintaining and improving health status.

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Consequently, as noted in a United States of America USA Institute of Medicine report, public health professionals play a pivotal role in the creation and maintenance of a healthy community.

There is a recognized need to initiate and appropriately strengthen public health education in the country. In , the High Level Expert Group for Universal Health Coverage for India recommended strengthening health-sector management by supporting postgraduate courses in public health and hospital management for health professionals, and reiterated that health curricula in the country have not kept pace with the changing dynamics of public health, health policies and demographics.

Medical professionals would be expected to form a major part of this workforce, but professionals from diverse backgrounds, including sociology, economics, anthropology, nursing, hospital management, and communications, who have public health management training, should also be considered. The policy notes that states could decide to locate these public health managers, with medical and non-medical qualifications, in the same or different cadre streams within their directorates of health.

There has been a conscious shift towards the creation of schools of public health outside medical colleges, allowing non-medical personnel to acquire academic competencies in public health disciplines. Two authors of the present paper SZ and HN are members of this taskforce.

This paper reviews the current status of MPH programmes in India. Methodology Data regarding the existing MPH programmes were obtained using a two-step process originally used by Zodpey et al.

The search was limited to programmes offered in India and to collaborations between Indian and foreign institutions, if any. Only master's-level programmes of a minimum of 2 years' duration were included. For example, the Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science Public Health offered by Annamalai University, which is equivalent to a MPH of 1 year's duration, [16] was not included, since the University Grants Commission regulations stipulate that a master's degree programme should be a minimum of 2 years' duration.

In addition, education supplements of leading newspapers and education-based websites, including shiksha.

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Experts in the field of public health education were also contacted and related literature was also identified through Google Scholar and PubMed. Maintenance and promotion of healthy work environment will prove to be hugely beneficial in the long run for the overall well-being of the workers which will enhance their productivity and make a significant contribution to an enterprise and development of the nation.

Indian economy being one of the fastest growing economies only next to China provides an opportunity for wide-scale infrastructure development for industrialization and urbanization. This has resulted in increased employment in the newer sectors though the traditional occupations like agriculture and mining still continue to employ a significant proportion of working population.

The enormous size of workforce especially the younger population, females, and individuals employed in newer occupations and those engaged in informal sector are predominantly exposed to various occupational factors affecting health and safety at workplace and hence are more susceptible to occupational diseases.

These occupational factors may vary from dust, gas and fumes, chemical exposure, extreme climatic conditions, heavy lifting, noise of high amplitude, unguarded and unsafe moving locomotives and other machinery, etc. Many of the occupational diseases can be prevented if the exposure to the harmful factors at work environment is curtailed. This can be ensured through regular monitoring of the environmental factors so as to keep it within the permissible levels and keeping the occupational risks and infections at bay by limiting their exposure.

One of the effective ways in delivering such quality services is the development of a multi-professional occupational health team of which industrial hygienist is an important member.

Industrial Hygienists are the professionals who are committed to protect the health and safety of the people in the workplace and communities. They investigate and examine the workplace for hazards and potential dangers and recommend appropriate methods to avoid the hazards by analyzing the nature of the job.

At present in India, no statistics is available on the demand and supply dynamics and existing and required industrial hygienists to address the challenges of anticipation, prevention, recognition, monitoring, evaluation and control of workplace contaminants and risks that may cause sickness, injury, impaired health or well-being among workers.

Against this background, the current study, first of its kind, was undertaken to map the institutions offering courses to develop industrial hygienists, estimating the requirement of such integral occupational health manpower and to design competencies and curriculum for such a course. The internet search was conducted using the Google and PubMed search engines with the aim to map the courses being offered in industrial hygiene IH.

A set of key words encompassing various domains related to occupational health manpower in India was identified.

The websites of the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Labor were searched using the key words of the identified subjects and training programs. The website of the Directorate General, Factory Advice, and Labor Institutes, India[ 2 ] was also accessed for information on training programs. Detailed information about the courses was collected from the respective institutions or from the designated websites of these institutions.

Short-term courses offered by various institutions, lasting from a few days to a few weeks were disregarded and not included in the matrix. To develop the competencies and curriculum for the IH course, an in-depth and detailed literature review of the existing industrial hygienist courses was undertaken. Indexed and nonindexed journals in the field were identified and searched for notifications and invitation of nominations for educational courses. Key institutes involved in research in occupational health were identified from the author affiliations.

Key cross-references were also identified from the articles and referred for relevant information.

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As the issue is concerned with the safety of the workers and in Indian scenario in many places the role of industrial hygienist is fulfilled by safety officers, the norms for safety officers mentioned in the act were considered for estimating the need of industrial hygienists in the country. The courses on the IH being offered in India are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Open in a separate window A masters course offered by Institute of science, training and advanced research, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidhyanagar in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati is the only full-time course. The distance learning Diploma in IH offered by Annamalai University[ 6 ] includes hazards in work places; health at work and risk analysis; industry, individual and society and management of occupational hygiene, health and safety as part of their curriculum.

Applied for Medical and Engineering Admissions. D in Arts M.

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Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports [B. Eligible candidates can register for admission through the online application process through the official Annamalai University website.


Both the pharmacy programs are of two academic year duration each, comprising of four semesters. Some of the distance education bachelor courses provided by the University are: Phil in Agriculture M.

I did it in Correspondence. D in Law M. The university offers M. Under the postgraduate diploma courses mention may be made of adolescent health care, diabetology, medical cosmetology, operation theatre techniques and coastline agriculture among many others. There are Annamalai university study centers in most cities where one can go and initiate the admission process.

More information regarding eligibility criteria, selection process and hostel facilities are provided in the given admission article.Key cross-references were also identified from the articles and referred for relevant information. More information regarding eligibility criteria, selection process and hostel facilities are provided in the given admission article. One of the effective ways in delivering such quality services is the development of a multi-professional occupational health team of which industrial hygienist is an important member.

The concentration of institutions offering the MPH is therefore mostly outside the Empowered Action Group states that are targeted for special government health and development assistance. Key institutes involved in research in occupational health were identified from the author affiliations.

In India, in most of the industries, this role is performed by professionals graduated in environmental sciences, physicians, chemists, physicists and safety officers.