Discover a meta collection of Free textbooks (or "open textbooks") written by to Think Like a Computer Scientist: C ++ (PDF) by Allen B. Downey, Olin College. results Thanks to our sponsors, you can download our textbooks for free. Search or browse . Susan Quinn, Associate Professor, Bissett School of Business. University books. Get free access to hundreds of free textbooks written by professors from the world's top universities, all on one easy-to-access platform.

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Guys, if you haven't seen this before, you need to! Why spend $+ on textbooks each semester when you can download them for free?. Getting quality and popular demand free textbooks online is not an easy task, that host thousands of free pdf textbooks that college students and other learners . Materials · Minitab · Textbooks Collection Materials Collection questions to [email protected] Middle School Mathematics Quizzes Psychology pdf .

Secondary English 2 Unit 3. Secondary English 2 Unit 4. Secondary English 2 Unit 5. Secondary English 2 Unit 6.

Secondary English 2 Unit 7. Secondary English 2 Unit 8. Secondary 3.

Secondary English 3 Unit 1. Secondary English 3 Unit 2. Secondary English 3 Unit 3.

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Secondary English 3 Unit 4. Secondary English 3 Unit 5. Secondary English 3 Unit 6.

Secondary English 3 Unit 7. Secondary English 3 Unit 8.

Thanks to our sponsors, you can download our textbooks for free

Secondary 4. Secondary English 4 Unit 1. Secondary English 4 Unit 2. Secondary English 4 Unit 3. Secondary English 4 Unit 4. Secondary English 4 Unit 5. Secondary English 4 Unit 6. Secondary English 4 Unit 7. Non-traditional approach.

Flatworld Knowledge books. So while not free they are relatively cheap and of high quality. You may delete and re-arrange sections. The books by Rittenberg and Tregarthen, and the books by Cooper and John are the most likely candidates for a standard Econ Principles class.

The book by McAfee and Lewis is a more advanced and uses calculus. Microeconomics Version 2. As it is not free perhaps it should not be here at all Macroeconomics Version 2. From the webiste: "The course is written for a rapid review of material that was previously studied.

The text is short, but every word counts. The content is not designed for approaching the subject matter for the first time: it can be used only as a study guide for an introductory course in economics which must otherwise have a complete text. McCain Drexel University.

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Freely viewable online with no ads. Limited PDFs. Arguably a full text Standard copyright - free to use but not to edit or sell. Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative Economics has some microeconomic modules based on classroom experiments. Cumbersome to follow. Not a traditional textbook. Though it is called a textbook it is too inconvenient and scattered to make the top section.

Living Economics created by K.

Fung uses it in place of a textbook. There is lots of material that takes time to work through. AmosWeb Economics lots of economic content but quite scattered and difficult to click through.

The Best of Economics by Arnold Kling. Using textbook sharing the students share the physical textbook with other students, and also the cost of the book is divided among the users of the textbook. Main article: Open textbook The latest trend in textbooks is "open textbooks. Currently, some open textbooks have been funded with non-profit investment. The other challenge involves the reality of publishing, which is that textbooks with good sales and profitability subsidize the creation and publication of low demand but believed to be necessary textbooks.

On the other hand, independent open textbook authoring and publishing models are developing. Most notably, the startup publisher Flat World Knowledge already has dozens of college-level open textbooks that are used by more than institutions in 44 countries. Mobi site , PDF download, etc. Flat World Knowledge compensates its authors with royalties on these sales.

However, in January, Flat World Knowledge announced their financial model could no longer sustain their free-to-read options for students. CK FlexBooks are free to use online and offer formats suitable for use on portable personal reading devices and computers - both online and offline.

Formats for both iPad and site are offered.

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School districts may select a title as is or customize the open textbook to meet local instructional standards. School districts could easily negotiate even lower prices for bulk downloads to be printed in their own communities. Teacher's editions are available for educators and parents. Titles have been authored by various individuals and organizations and are vetted for quality prior to inclusion in the CK catalog.

An effort is underway to map state educational standards correlations. International market pricing[ edit ] Similar to the issue of reimportation of pharmaceuticals into the U. Retailers and publishers have expressed concern about the re-importation of lower-priced textbooks from international locations. Specifically, they cited the ability students have to download books from online distribution channels outside the United States at lower prices, which may result in a loss of sales for U.

Additionally, the availability of lower-priced textbooks through these channels has heightened distrust and frustration among students regarding textbook prices, and college stores find it difficult to explain why their textbook prices are higher, according to the National Association of College Stores. Retailers and publishers have also been concerned that some U. While the Supreme Court decision Quality King v.

L'anza protects the reimportation of copyrighted materials under the first-sale doctrine , textbook publishers have still attempted to prevent the U. The authors often getting half-royalties instead of full-royalties, minus the charges for returned books from bookstores.

Cost distribution[ edit ] According to the National Association of College Stores, the entire cost of the book is justified by expenses, with typically The store and publisher amounts are slightly higher for Canada. Rising at an average of 6 percent each year since academic year , compared with overall average price increases of 3 percent per year, college textbook and supply prices trailed tuition and fee increases, which averaged 7 percent per year. Since December , textbook and supply prices have nearly tripled, increasing by percent, while tuition and fees increased by percent and overall prices grew by 72 percent.

While increases in textbook and supply prices have followed increases in tuition and fees, the cost of textbooks and supplies for degree-seeking students as a percentage of tuition and fees varies by the type of institution attended.

The wholesale prices charged by textbook publishers have jumped 62 percent since , while prices charged for all finished goods increased only 14 percent.

Similarly, the prices charged by publishers for general books increased just 19 percent during the same time period. K public schools, a local school board votes on which textbooks to download from a selection of books that have been approved by the state Department of Education.

Teachers receive the books to give to the students for each subject. Teachers are usually not required to use textbooks, however, and many prefer to use other materials instead. Textbook publishing in the U. In recent years, high school textbooks of United States history have come under increasing criticism.

Inaccurately retelling history, through textbooks or other literature, has been practiced in many societies, from ancient Rome to the Soviet Union USSR and the People's Republic of China. The content of history textbooks is often determined by the political forces of state adoption boards and ideological pressure groups. The presentation or inclusion of controversial scientific material has been debated in several court cases.

Poorly designed textbooks have been cited as contributing to declining grades in mathematics and science in the United States and organizations such as the American Academy of Arts and Sciences AAAS have criticized the layout, presentation, and amount of material given in textbooks.

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Discussions of textbooks have been included on creation and evolution in the public education debate. The Smith v. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County case brought forward a debate about scientific fact being presented in textbooks.

In his book, Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman described his experiences as a member of a committee that evaluated science textbooks.Secondary English 1 Unit 4. Accounting theory is covered succinctly and clearly, including all new developments such as integrated accounting.

In this article you will find all the answers. Online marketplaces may have an online auction format or may allow the student to list their books for a fixed price. Georgios P. With higher education costs on the rise, many students are becoming sensitive to every aspect of college pricing, including textbooks, which in many cases amount to one tenth of tuition costs.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message Largely in the US, but increasingly in other nations, K Mathematics textbooks have reflected the controversies of new math and reform mathematics which have sought to replace traditional mathematics in what have been called the math wars.

Units 7 and 8.