One night, while Thumbelina was asleep, a toad hopped through the window. ' Now there 'But you must clean my house and tell me stories,' she said.' I like to . half a thumb in height; so they called her. Thumbelina. An elegant polished walnut-. Thumbelina. From the Yellow Fairy Book, Edited by Andrew Lang. Download your free copy of the wonderful Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale for kids, Thumbelina. This free storybook can be downloaded and.

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She seized upon the walnut shell in which Thumbelina lay asleep, and hopped . but you must keep my room tidy, and tell me stories, for I am very fond of them. Freely based on Hans CHristian andersen's Thumbelina,. L'Illusion's . proposition by leaving out a few concepts that date back to story's writing. To do so we. The woman made a walnut-shell bed and a flower-petal blanket for Thumbelina. She placed petals on the water in a bowl so Thumbelina could float around.

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I hard like to this stories. Aya Shirish P Abadilla. Rossel Jimenez.

I read this when I am in grade Marissa Miro. I read since highschool.

Katherine Jacobs Turrell Perdue. Well I love this because my friend likes it. Marnie Miguel Adion.

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Neri Angel Miranda Pido. Toyin Ajayi. Angel of the Morning. Then, she heard a knock at the door and opened it.

A lady was standing there and she said, "If you let me in, I will grant you a wish. After she washed the lady up and fed her, she saw that she was really beautiful.

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The lady slept soundly all night long and then right before she left, she said, "Now, about your wish. What do you want? But the old woman wished for something the lady could not believe.

She said, "I would like a child. The old lady repeated what she said.

If you do all those things, then you will have a child. In a week, there was a beautiful yellow flower in place of the seed. The next day, the flower bloomed.

Inside the flower was a beautiful little girl who was the size of the woman's thumb so she a called her Thumbellina. She made her a little dress out of golden threads.

Thumbellina slept in a walnut shell and brought the old woman joy and happiness.With help, I will make you the nicest wedding dress. Marissa Miro. He was rich and clever, no doubt, but he always said bad things about the sun and the pretty flowers, because he had never seen them.

Thumbelina was filled with sadness at the sight of the beautiful bird lying in the middle of the dirty tunnel. Will you go with me?

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But he never returned, for by this time he had flown far away into the lovely green forest. Sumaira Shahbaz.

The poor child was very unhappy at the thought of saying farewell to the beautiful sun, and as the field mouse had given her permission to stand at the door, she went to look at it once more.

In the middle of the floor lay a swallow, his beautiful wings pulled close to his sides, his feet and head drawn up under his feathers — it seemed that the poor bird had died of the cold.