The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying . Part 4: GUI Testing Design with the UFT IDE. HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), an automated functional testing tool that helps testers QTP in detail along with its simple overview, and practical examples. 5. Table of Contents. Welcome to the HP QuickTest Professional. User Guide. in each available format (Help, PDF, and/or HTML). ➤ What's New in QuickTest.

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Visit the HP Software Support Online web site at: xumodaperma.ga . Functional Testing Product Availability Matrix, available from the UFT help folder or . You can open a PDF of this tutorial from your

Obj ect "Object Name". Getltem 6. Object "Object Name".. ReportEvent EventStatus. GetTOProperty 4. Page "Page Name". We can use this methud to.

Details micPass 0 micFail I.. Repor1Event micPass. GetContent We can use this method to capture run time property value into variables. We can use this method to capture object property value from the object Repository.

Print "Message" 3. ReportEvent micFail. Test Manager If Exit Run is used.. ReportEvent micPass. Use of VB Script: Verifying Expected Result. User is authorized. Activate Window 2. User is unauthorized.

Test Manager Page 42 of LI C "11! If [Next] is enabled. If next is disabled. Select one flight from the "Flights List" and click on [Ok] Verify the Ordemo displayed in Flight Reservation Enter the Customer Name.. Verify the Login window existence 3. Password and click on [OK] 4. Open "Open Order. Click on [Insert Order] Run ". Select one place from "Fly To" 8. Verify the existence of "Flight Reservation window" 5. Close the application Real Time Test Script: L T 'Project Name: Venkat ' Created By 'Date Created: Indian Airlines 'Test case Objective: Open the Login window 2.

Select the checkbox "Openorder" ReponEvent micFail. Click on [Flights] 9.

Book a flight ticket and Verify the booking stored 1. Exist Then Reporter. Select one place from "Fly from" 7. Verify the existence of"Fiight Table" Enter the date in "Date of flight" field 6. If dialog "Login".

Enter Agent Name.. Verify "Insert Done" message Set "mercury" dialog "Login". RepcrtEvent micPass. Test Manager Page 44 of Select 3 '. WinButton "Insert Order". Dialog "Flights Table". WinButton "OK". ActiveX "MaskEdBox".

HP QTP Certification Dumps – HP0-M47 & HP0-M98 Exam 220 Questions

WinList "From". WinRadioButton "Economy". Click ' Verify flights table window 1f window "Flight Reservation". WinComboBox "Fly To: Set "mercury" ' Click on [OK] dialog "Login". WinEdit "Name: Set "2" ' Se ect a Class window "Flight Reservation". WinComboBox "Fly From: WinEdit "Tickets: WinCheckBox "Order No.. WaitProperty "text". Test Manager Page 45 of WinMenu "Menu". Select "File. Dialog "Open Order"..

Dialog "Open Order". ReportEvent micPass.. Close 1: ActiveX "Threed Panel Control". Open Order. WinEdit "Order No: ActiveX "Threed Panel Control".. WinEdit "Edit". Test Scenario 3: I diJ. Check Result 4.

Click on [OK] 3. Sef y. Design Time Data Table 2. Database 5. You could record ten separate tests. Running the test with multiple set of data Parameterization: It is a variable that is assigned a value from various data sources or generator..

Suppose you want to check how your application responds to ten separate sets of data. For example.. Two types ofData table 1. Parameter types: Random number Text files Environment variable Standard Parameter types 3. Out of sheets.. If any iteration is failed report it as a defect using Quality Center AddSheet "input" I I [:. Running and Analyzing a Parameterized Test I l! Create Test I Pro gram 2. We can use this method to "delete" one specified sheet from the Run Time Data tablP.

Design time Data Table Steps for Parameterization DeleteSheet 3 3. We can use this method to count number of rows in the 1st sheet of the Run tii"e data table.

Add Sheet: GetSheetCount Ex: Defining a Design time Data Table Parameters 3. Data Table Methods 1. To get data Syntax: GetRowCount ' I-- 6. Value 1. Value 2. GetRowCount ation un. GetRowCount Ex: We can use this method to set or get value of cell in the specified parameter and the current row of the Run time data table.

SetCurrentRow 3 datatable. GetSheet SheetiD Ex: Test Manager Page 49 of r SetPrevRow Mr. GetSheet l. SetNextRow datatable. SetN extRow Ex: We can use this method to return a specified sheet from the Run Time data table. Value 3. Create "Login. Test Script and Test Log 2. ExportSheet "F: Create Script 5.

ImportSheet "Path of File". Verify Calculation Test 3. Import "F: ImportSheet "F: Export "F: Enter Login values and Run Script 6.

We can use this method to import a specified sheet of Microsoft Excel Sheet to the Runtime Data table. When we open an Order Update Order] should be disabled 5. Export [.

Prepare script for [Update Order] behavior. Verify Flight Reservation Orders 4.

Password and Test Result 3. Import "Path of File" Ex: SetPrevRow datatable. ExportSheet "Path of File". Test Data. AddParameter "Tickets". WinButton "Cancel". Click End If I f: Click If window "Flight Reservation". ImportSheet "C: Dialog "Flight Reservations". GetRowCount lata I! Set Datatable. Value "TestResult". AddSheet "Input" Datatable. AddParameter "OrderNumber".

UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

GetSheet "Input". Value "Password".

Test Manager Page 51 of i Click Dialog "Login". SetCurrentRow i l' Systemutil.

ExportSheet "C: Option Explicit Dim RowCount. GetSheet "Output". AddSheet "Output" Datatable. Close else Reporter. Value "AgentN arne". WinEdit "Price: WinEdit "Total: Value "Tickets". Activate Window "Flight Reservation". Value "OrderNumbers". Value "Price". AddParameter "Total".

Value "OrderNumber". WinCheckBox "Order No. Vafue "Total". AddParameter "Price". AddParameter "TestResult". Valqe "OrderNumber". OrdN o I- Datatable. WinMenu "Menu".. When we open an Order [Update Order] should be disabled. Click Mr. Prepare script for [Update Order] behaviour. GetSheet "Input ".

GetSheet 3. Test is Fail" Datatable.

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Test is Pass"' Datatable. Venknt Sr. Test Mnnngcr P: WinButton "Update Order". Value "OSVersion" It will display operating system version 3.

User defined variable Method 1: Wns 2. Select Parameter as "Environment" 3. Built-in-variable 2. Built-in-variable It represents the information about the Test and the system in which the test is running. Select Name and Value and click on [Ok] Method 2: To create 'xml' file with required variables we can prepare script likes as below. Go to Keyword view and Select value configurations window 2. User defined variable f [ ' 1 f' r f f f I I!

How to associate. Environment Variable I II! I Environment Variables are two types such as 1. External Variables will be present in the ". XML File and Script: Username and Password from Environment variables. WebEdit "Password".

Run Environment. Set RandomNumber I. CloseA11Tabs Test Scenario 2: Select Parameter as "Random Number" 3. Page "PMC Inc. Set Enviromnent. Username and Password. WebEdit "Userld". Set Environment.

Page "PMC lnc. Excel files and Word. MSAccess ObjCon. Command 3. Command" Mr.

Connection" ObjCon. Delete on connected database. External files are Database. Recordset l' 1. Open same file in Notepad and copy Provider Name to Script 2.

Connection 2. Text files. It doesn't support external files directly. To get provider Name 1. When we want work External files and we Create Object. Recordset J i l We can use this class to execute specified select statement on connected database and retrieve the results. Conunand" ObjCom. Enter Field names as Usemame and Password and click on Save] 5. Click on 'Create Table in Design View' Execute 3.

Enter table name as 'Login' and click on [Ok] Script 1: Execute ObjCon. Test Pun. Nothing Noting is a keyword in VB Script. Conncction" ObjCon. GetSheet "lnput". Test Mannger Page 59 of c. Command" Obj Com. Value " AgentN arne". Option Explicit Dim ObjCon.

Execute Next ObjCon.: Ciick rMr. ObjCon ObjRs. Close ObjCon. MoveFirst While not ObjRs.. MoveNext Wend ObjRs. Recordset" ObjRs. Test Manager i. MoveFirst While not ObjRs. Vcnkat Sr. Wi nButton "OK". Connection" ObjCon.!: Lclit "A:. Set Tickets Window "Flight Reservation". V alue "CustomerN ame". Select " FRA WinButton "Cancel ". Click End If ObjRs. CN arne. Click Window "Flight Reservation". Select "Frankfurt" Window "Flight Reservation".

OrdN o Datatable. New Order" Window "Flight Reservation". Activate Window "Flight Reservation''. Dialog "Flights Table".. Oracle Example. RecordSet" ObjRS. MoveNext Wend ObjCon. ObjCon ObjRS. Yenkat Sr. Script 1: How to Create Folders.

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

To Create a folder: Createtextfile "C: Append-S] while f. Deletefi le " path" To Delete the Object: Close To Delete the Folder file: To manipulate flat file content for testing we can prepare script like as below. CreateTextFile "C: Test Manager L: Deletefolder " path" obj FSo.. We can create folders. GetContent r: GetitemsCount 2. Getltem Set User Dialog "Login ".

GetltemsCqunt We can use this method to count number of items in the Combo bo: Opentextfile "C: Set User Dia1og "Login". Wend fclose Script 2: Login using Data from Text File: WinButtofl "OK ". GetContent We can use this method to get content of the Compo Box. Script 3: Example for GetltemsCount.

Option Explicit Dim ltemCount. Getltem i ObjWL. How to count number of items in the Fly From Combo Box and bow to display their name one by one. OpenTextFile "C: Select "File.. Value "FlyFrom". Script 6: ItemVal Datatable. AddParameter "FlyFrom". I While not f. How to verify update Order behavior in the Flight reservation application and how to pass multiple values from the text me.

Test Manager Page 66 of Getltem i Datatable. Set arr l Window " Flight Reservation". OpenTextFile "E: C ll ex. JJ s h-e. Co I vr Sheets and Colors in our Machine. Excel Files Excel Object: This is one of the objects provided by the VB Script. Test Manager 11 -. Script 2: I Window "Flight Reservation".. ActiveSheet objSheet..

Cells i. For different purpose of automating the testing process. Some of example, in case of User Registration scenario, these components are used for simply record-playback all where testing is done based on different the user activities on the web-app, some are widely used to combinations of input parameters like automate manual test process by writing test scripts to username, email, mobile no, etc.

Below are the major In Keyword driven testing not only the test data components of Selenium: is stored in an external file but also some parts a Selenium IDE of the script are stored in an external file. When b Selenium RC selenium 1. This type of framework is used environment for recording, editing and debug tests.

It is implemented as a Firefox extension, your application. Selenium IDE 3. As each of the frameworks has its b Selenium RC advantages and disadvantages, in such situation Selenium RC was the flagship testing framework of the Hybrid provides to be a perfect solution for whole Selenium project for a long time.

This is the first implementing automation testing. The decision to implement automation in any organization is together taken by Project Manager, c Selenium WebDriver Test Team lead and sometimes even testing team is The WebDriver proves itself to be better than both Selenium involved in the process.

It implements a more which this decision is taken which will be discussed modern and stable approach in automating the browser's in this paper later. It controls the browser by 4. Selenium is to be used efficiently for which it requires proper installation and integration of d Selenium Grid various tools.


Parallel execution means 4. UFT can be used only on windows platform. Though 3. UFT is supported only by Windows and Chrome. It takes lot of time to create scripts in selenium. Object Repository: In UFT, while recording the scripts, it stores the properties of Scripting is the base for testing which can be done objects in Object Repository. Echo "PDFs are not equal. Ansgar Wiechers Ansgar Wiechers k 13 If you're using an older version Motti Motti Thanks u So much For the Suggestion..

But is there any other way to compare pdf's , i need to automate the whole process, and also ignore some data in pdf.. You can try the following: Use the free utility pdf2txt. It can be accessed from http: MansoorShaikh MansoorShaikh 5 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.Whenever we required to use of this function library. Recordset J i l We can use this class to execute specified select statement on connected database and retrieve the results. Creating New Actions 1. Test Steps 1. Details micPass 0 micFail I.. Example for GetltemsCount.

If you're using UFT Ansgar Wiechers Ansgar Wiechers k 13 Recordset" ObjRs.