The actual dimensions of the Beijing map are X pixels, file size (in bytes) - You can open this downloadable and printable map of Beijing by. To help you have a better understanding about Beijing, we have collected some very useful newest Beijing maps, including Beijing attractions map, Beijing . printable Beijing subway maps in English shows a current operational map with 22 metro lines and their stations as well as a planning map.

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Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this map is up to date and accurate, the author and publisher can accept no. Way to travel in Beijing is to appreciate the numerous quadrangle courtyards, small In the respect of food, Beijing has its unique Beijing cuisine which has. City guide and tourist map of central Beijing, China. Insets of the Forbidden City and the Nearest Map» · Fullsize Share Map. KB•PDF.

So imagine you drop by an exhibition booth and want to learn more about the exhibitor and their products but the English speaker is already engaged in a discussion with someone else.

It happened quite often to me. At the gate to Beijing Olympic Park, I tried to get directions from a guard.

He immediately launched a voice recognition translator on his smartphone. The interface is unfortunately in Chinese, but pictograms guide you just fine.

Above: Visual recognition feature — you can either select an image or make a photo on the go The most popular Chinese messenger, WeChat iOS , Android , offers a built-in chat translation feature, which is quite convenient.

Above: The first message above shows the translation feature within WeChat 5.

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I found WeChat to be quite user friendly, while QQ is extremely confusing. WeChat also comes in handy when you need to connect with non-Chinese friends who are also in China.

Note: All opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my company. People can always talk to local residents and, for example, ask to show the right way. Of course, language barrier is quite often a real obstacle in communication.

However, if you face this problem there is a simple solution — show a map to the local taxi driver and specify the point you need to get.

Any driver will bring you to the desired point of interest within minutes. Tourists are … Open. Active recreation Beijing is amazing city and place to have fun and enjoy various outdoor activities.

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Actually, they can be found here at every step, but we have chosen for you only the most exciting activities. And the first advice from our team is to visit and spend some time at the Dragon Gorge Longqingxia.

This tourist attraction and landmark is located 85 kilometres from Beijing. Dragon Gorge is picturesque natural complex … Open.

Map of Beijing China - Beijing tourist maps

The hotel was fully refurbished in , which has set a new standard for the hospitality business and not the hotel is ready to greet even most discerning travellers. Upon entering, guests will see a giant hall with a broad ladder, sparkling chandeliers and columns.

Check out Beijing Side Trips for more information. Beijing Subway Map The metro network of Beijing is the fastest, punctual, reliable, economic means of transportation traveling in and around Beijing.

Currently, there are 14 subway lines in operations which are line 1, line 2, line 4, line 5, line 8, line 10, line 13, as well as several lines for suburban areas including Batong line, Changping line, Daxing line, Fangshan line, Yizhuang line and Airport Express Line. There are another 7 lines under planning, such as: Line 7, Line 9, Line14, Line 11, Line12, Line15, Line16, which will be completed in the future.

How to take subway in Beijing Beijing City Layout Beijing local people often mention "ring road" when talking about the city roads in Beijing. Ring Roads circle the city and the city has now six ring roads.

The first ring road theoretically goes around the Forbidden City, which is the middle of the city, but in reality, it doesn't exist. So the ring roads start with the second ring road. People often consider the city within the third ring road as city proper. The city proper is administrationally divided into 4 districts - they are Chaoyang District, which goes from the centre of the city all the way out to the Olympic sites in the north.

Dongcheng District lies directly to the east of the Forbidden City, Xicheng District to the west, and Haidian, holding many of the capital's universities, in the north of the city.

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There are currently over 10 subway lines, and many more under construction; Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing, Qianmen, and Lama Temple and Confucius are can be reachable by subway.Video introduction. For your glimpse of the Great Wall around Beijing, we provide 8 tourist maps for the 8 sections of the Great Wall around Beijing including Simatai partially restored , Jinshanling partially restored , Gubeikou partially restored , Mutianyu restored , Jiankou unrestored , Huanghuacheng unrestored , Badaling restoresd and Juyongguan restored.

Englisch Deutsch Einstellungen speichern. The round line of the subway and the second-ring road almost liken the none-existant old city wall. Beijing Tian'anmen Square Map Our Tian'anmen Square map shows you the layout of this world's largest city square and it gives you a better perspective of those national buildings around it.