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Midnight in Austenland book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Charlotte Kinder treats herself to a two-week vacati. . Get Free Read & Download Files Midnight In Austenland 2 Shannon Hale PDF. MIDNIGHT IN AUSTENLAND 2 SHANNON HALE. Download: Midnight In. To read Midnight in Austenland: A Novel (Paperback) eBook, remember to follow the collection that gives access to many PDF file publication collection.

Never thought that would happen. Review originally posted here. I really like Shannon Hale's books. And I love Jane Austen.

It has taken me this long to get around to reading Shannon Hale's Austenland because I had a suspicion I might be disappointed. The book is a light quick read perfect for summer reading. If you are fan of romantic comedy, either in chick lit or chick flick form, then you might enjoy it. If you are a Jane Austen fan. If you are a Jane Austen fan If you are in the camp that loves her books and more than the books the period movie adaptations of them because they are Regency romances that are historical chick lit or flicks then you might also enjoy this.

Neither of these things being true about me, I didn't. In fact I have some rather major issues with it. I almost feel bad about this because I do really really like Shannon Hale's other books. I almost wasn't going to write a review I felt so bad, but I have been stewing over this for a couple of days and just want to get some of it off my chest.

I had issues with Jane. The same issues I have with all of the similar characters to her that seem to be cropping up more and more in this type of book or movie. Yet she is a mess because she is a desperate husband hungry crazy girl. Why do women keep getting portrayed like this? We are meant to believe that these girls are savvy enough to graduate from college, secure a job, keep a job, live within their means in a large metropolis and yet they can't wear high heels without at some point falling over on their bottoms?

How many times is that shtick going to be used???? Each chapter of this book is introduced with a history of one of Jane's failed relationships. These highlight exactly how crazy desperate she is for this kind of relationship. Of course they have all failed. Men tend to run screaming scared from crazy women. Jane is exactly the sort of woman Jane Austen was making fun with her books.

Because that is what her books are, not romantic frolics in period gowns, but social satires. At first I thought maybe the irony was intentional.

And it may have been, but it fell fall short of its mark if it was. There is one point when Jane has an epiphany and realizes that she is not Elizabeth Bennet, but more like Mrs. I expected things to turn around maybe, and that she would become more than she was, but the change that occurred wasn't one that had me believing in its longevity. While the Jane that leaves Austenland has more confidence and has convinced herself she was not looking for a Mr.

Darcy duplicate, she never convinced me she was cured.

In fact, the end makes it abundantly clear that she's not. More confident, less desperate, but given where she started she still has a long way to go. Except she got her storybook ending, so where is the motivation to grow?

It was so frustrating. The frustration was probably greater for me because I know Shannon Hale can write strong female characters better than this. Actually, Shannon Hale can just write better than this period. Honestly, if someone gave me this book to read without telling me who wrote it I never would have believed it to be Shannon Hale. View all 13 comments. Austenland has an irresistible premise for me: Some people are better at the whole Regency-immersion thing than others.

Ladies get to wear makeup along with their corsets and empire-waisted dresses. Cell phones are a big NO, though. Jane wavers between two guys: What is real and what is fake gets murky for Jane, as she kind of bounces back and forth between Mr Nobley and Martin, trying to figure out what she really wants. Maybe not for Austen purists, but I got a huge kick out of it. The movie was okay but a lot more slapstick. I liked the book a lot better, personally.

I went into Austenland hoping for a fun and lighthearted book.

I read this book by Jane Austen at an early age and have loved historical romance since then. When I saw friends on this site reading Austenland earlier this year, I had to check it out! Jane Hayes is 32, single and has problems staying in relationships. Her rich, g I went into Austenland hoping for a fun and lighthearted book. Her rich, great aunt finds out about her obsession and pays for an all-inclusive trip to an estate in Great Britain called Pembrook Park. Pembrook Park reenacts the lifestyle back in the s with full dress, manners, balls and servants.

Jane cannot break character and must interact with gentleman and other ladies during this time period.

Is everyone acting or is anyone real in this Darcy obsessed place?! It looks like she loves New York City more then she thought. The dialogue was good, the romance was fun, and this was a quick book to read.

I will definitely read the second book in this series because I enjoyed how Shannon Hale weaved this funny and quirky romance set during the Regency times! View all 11 comments. Obviously if you're not a huge Austen fan, this book will not be that amazing.

Austenland It's more fun if you're just as obsessed with Mr. Darcy as the main character ok maybe not to that extent. She was really intense.

Some of the characters were a bit annoying and the premise is kind of silly, but the story still has enough endearing moments to make it worthwhile. The book is a short, fast read. But I'd honestly recommend just watching the movie instead 2. But I'd honestly recommend just watching the movie instead because the stories are pretty similar aaaand you get this: View all 5 comments. They all end up being a complete and utter nonsense with the exception of "Bridget Jones' Diaries".

The premise of the book is OK. See a Problem? Darcy just like you are, admit it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this review. She inherits a 3-week vacation to "Austenland" - an English estate where guests get a taste of Austen-time living and maybe romance with the help of local actors. Jane agrees to the journey hoping to make it her farewell to Darcy fantasy and to move on with her life afterward.

What follows is a chick-lit story with a vague directionless plot, a luke-warm romance, and a contrived plot "twist. In the end, you fail to understand even if this Austenland trip is helpful or not: I guess I'll never know Don't get me wrong, the book isn't a complete disaster. There are some entertaining moments, but to be honest, I probably wouldn't have finished it were I not listening to it.

The narrator of this book couldn't do English accent to save her life! It wouldn't have been nearly as funny otherwise. Every time I read one of Hale's books I always remember that she is a good writer.

She gave Austenland a great atmosphere. Especialy when Charolette and the gang were exploring the grounds.

Also, the way she does the austenish writing I thought was really good. Hale put it in a way that reminded me of Austen's writing without seeming like it was trying to copy it. And of course Charlotte. Such a nice person and believe it or not that isn't a bad thing. Sure it got her hurt but it gives her strength as well. She has a way of knowing what to say to make people feel better, though for the life of her she doesn't know how to handle Mr.

And for some reason she can't find the right words to help herself but maybe Austenland can with its charm and characters. Just my side note that you can ingnore: I listen to soundtrack music while I read sometimes and I'm a fan of the Becoming Jane soundtrack.

While I was listening and reading, I came to the climax of the romance part of the story and the Rose Garden worked perfectly with it. Feb 04, anieva rated it it was ok. I'm just a few pages in,but I have a preliminary opinion.

I am fearful it won't change too much. I enjoyed the first Austenland, even though there were some challenges in it. It was light and frothy and fun. This book so far shows few signs of froth and fun. That could change, though. This is a good thing. But there are lots of cliches so far - and I'm just on page 7 or 8. They're cliches and they are not done well, either. You understand what Hale is getting at - for example in the magazine exce I'm just a few pages in,but I have a preliminary opinion.

You understand what Hale is getting at - for example in the magazine excerpts - but it doesn't ring true. It's not convincing. The characters don't seem to have their own voices. The daughter is 13 on one page and 14 three pages later.

That's not a big deal, but didn't Austenland have an inconsistency or two, also? This reminded me of that. Don't publishers have proofreaders? Also, the tone of the book so far is, of course, trying to mimic Northanger Abbey but it seems out of place. As far as plot goes, it's strange to have a grown woman sneaking through bushes trailing her young daughter's equally young boyfriend, and then hiring a detective to do the same.

That's not balanced, and it's almost ignored that it's, in so many different ways, so very highly dumb to do that, even if a mother is worried about her daughter. I don't believe, either, that the main character would read so much Austen in a weekend.

And, I can't respect a character who has never read a novel in her adult life that wasn't Agatha Christie. This is a person who just launches into Jane Austen's works? It doesn't feel real.

I'm surprised at all the great ratings here. Perhaps that means it's going to get better. I will say that I love that Hale had this idea of a Jane Austen-themed resort and that she seems to be using it for more books. I hope she continues, but with more levity and,maybe, a tone that makes me believe she's an Austen afficionado. I like also that her books seem to be sweet and stay away from silly, unnecessary vulgarity that so many people often mistake for sophistication.

Hale just wants to tell a good story in an inoffensive, entertaining way, and I think that's great. I hope the writing gets better, though. I know it seems silly to write so much after just a few pages, but I was reading today and had so many thoughts about the book! View 2 comments. Mar 06, Sarah Black rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review of the author Shannon Hale is an amazing writer, I love her books and her writing style.

She brings the characters to life. I've read a few of her books i. I favour her regency books more. She makes her characters very quirky and comical. My views and opinions Charlotte was a woman with no confidence, she felt like she was the reason why her husband cheated. Because she was too plain and boring for him. The truth is Review of the author Shannon Hale is an amazing writer, I love her books and her writing style.

The truth is she's a strong independent woman who finds she is more confident than she first thought, throughout the book you see her grow as a person. Charlotte had never before read any Jane Austen novels even though it was on her list of things to do in life along with get married, she realizes she has done most things on that list apart from the simplest of all, read Jane Austen novels. Once she has read them, Charlotte wants a holiday. A Jane Austen styled holiday.

Yes, that's right off to Pembroke Park we go. Jun 24, Melanie Dickerson rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed the second installment in the Austenland chronicles as much as the first one.

This one had some spine-tingling mystery and suspense when the heroine discovers a murder most foul in the utopian Jane Austenland. I almost hate to admit it, but I really related to the heroine and her "niceness," her horrifying propensity to apologize for everything, and her doormat-ness. I so understood her! More's the pity. Both of us need to grow more backbone. But the heroine was brave when it counted, I enjoyed the second installment in the Austenland chronicles as much as the first one.

But the heroine was brave when it counted, so it was an enjoyable story, and a sweet romance. I liked the way this authors describes those moments between her hero and heroine that could end up sounding sappy, but don't.

She has an original way of describing those interactions that is refreshing. And who doesn't love anything to do with Jane Austen? If only I could go to Austenland! Darcy muhabbetiydi: Feb 13, Cathy rated it it was amazing. What a delight! Hale does something remarkable here. She justaposes 3 seemingly opposite genres, and combines them in an amazingly successful way. She appeals to those of us who love anything Jane Austen, with the balls, empire waist dresses, restrained emotions and communications, dashingly handsome men saying wonderfully romantic things to women, etc.

Then she takes the Gothic side of the Regency-plus Era that produced, at one extreme, the sinister predatory mansion that possibly harbors vam What a delight! Then she takes the Gothic side of the Regency-plus Era that produced, at one extreme, the sinister predatory mansion that possibly harbors vampire-werewolf-like think Twilight humans, and the less extreme Northanger Abbey hysteria of a supposed turns out to be real murder-mystery.

She combines these two with modern day cliched women suffering from the malaise of victimhood, depression, not-good-enough-for-man syndrome, and yet liberated financially thanks to the Women's Movement ha.

One such hiding out in Austenland is pudgy, flighty Miss Charming oh, the Names! Cordial, nicer than Kinder the typical clueless, abused-by-adulterous-Xhusband, guilt-ridden, well-intentioned-mother of teens. All three find their very capable selves through the Austenland experience, thanks to the actions of men oh, oh , one Colonel Andrews, "a little light in the loafers, who potentially would be a very good hair dresser", one a Heathcliff-like, but real murderer, too caught up in the power of the sinister mansion to see clearly, and one, just a great brother figure-turned love interest.

This sounds absurd, doesn't it?! What a juggling act!!! And still, this is, as others have said, a laugh-out-loud novella. Others have quoted the fun laugh lines, but the one that kept me laughing for days as I rethought about it was: His face cheeks, that is. Not that he didn't look great in breeches, It is a riot. And the fact that this heroine actually becomes the heroine and saves the day, as well as herself, gives hope to all of us modern day women who relate with Charlotte Mrs Cordial in so many ways!

Oct 28, Emily Coleman rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm afraid I'm not very objective when it comes to reviewing anything by Shannon Hale. I am definitely a fan girl. Combine that with my guilty love for Austen-inspired novels, and it's a recipe for my whole-hearted admiration. Midnight in Austenland is similar to its predecessor in premise. Charlotte, a successful, but kind of beaten-down woman, books herself a vacation to the exclusive and rather secret Austenland.

And seriously, why doesn't this place really exist? You could make a fortune. T I'm afraid I'm not very objective when it comes to reviewing anything by Shannon Hale.

Though she doesn't embrace the role-playing so whole-heartedly at first, she soon discovers that there is a very fine line between reality and fantasy. If you are a fan of the first novel, you'll really enjoy this one. However, I doubt that this companion will persuade any non-believers.

Nor do I think it is meant to. The plot is fun, with a little bit of a murder mystery, gossip, and plain Jane Austen fun. With a healthy dose of Shannon Hale humor. Oh, and a bit of heartbreak and romance. Because, next to being married, a girl likes to be crossed in love a little now and then. Charlotte's story begins sadly, but in a very honest way that I think many women will relate with.

And though there is fun and frivolity, I was also pleased that Charlotte grew very significantly as a character throughout the book. All in all, an excellent addition to Shannon Hale's repertoire, and highly recommended for those who enjoy her work. Mar 17, Noella rated it liked it Shelves: Midnight in Austenland was quite different in tone to the fun and entertaining first book in the series, Austenland.

We have a new main character, Charlotte and the story alternates between her past marriage troubles and her time at Austenland where she spends her days living a Austen-inspired fantasy whilst her kids are spending time with their father and stepmother. Charlotte finds it difficult to distinguish between fact or fiction when a murder mystery is to be solved by the guests within Midnight in Austenland was quite different in tone to the fun and entertaining first book in the series, Austenland.

Charlotte finds it difficult to distinguish between fact or fiction when a murder mystery is to be solved by the guests within Pembrook Park. They seemed to be overly calm and make terrible jokes shortly after discovering the ordeal, which wasn't realistic and gave the story a silly vibe. However unlike the first book, I didn't find the Charlotte and her love interests as charming and likeable. Whilst Charlotte spends her time in Austenland she also reflects on her life with her ex-husband.

It was a shame that the book didn't show her turning her life around. The last few pages attempts to give Charlotte her happily ever after but it was unconvincing. Overall, not a bad read but I recommend the first book! Jun 09, Lissa rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was terrible. I hate saying that because I'm sure that Shannon Hale is a nice person.

In fact, I'm sure she is! She came to one of my classes at BYU once and seemed very nice and fun and genuine. Her YA books are awesome and I think she is very imaginative. I do not know what she is trying to do with her adult fiction. This book is grating. It is not fun or cute and the heroine is absolutely ridiculous and not in a funny or amusing way.

I think one of the problems is that Hale Oy. I think one of the problems is that Hale is self-depreciatingly poking fun of Austenland even though she, y'know, dreamt up Austenland. I mean, Austenland is a really fun, quirky idea so I think she should own it but she's not. I think the other problem is that she tries so hard to be clever and write funny, strong-but-still-feminine heroines and excuse her cliches with inner dialogue saying "Oh!

💎 Free Sample Ebooks Download Midnight In Austenland Pdf Fb2 Ibook

I'm just a cliche! I get that the author is clever but there's so much forced cleverness that the cleverness is old by the end of the first chapter.

It's just stale and the characters aren't endearing, either. And the "tirade" she gives James at the end of the book? Homegirl still needs to grow some cause that wasn't enough.

Sep 29, Fenia rated it it was amazing Shelves: OMG this book was so much more perfect than the first. Such a surprise. I really loved it!! I loved the ending so damn much!!! I don't want to spoil anything but this book is the best thing EVER!!!! Feb 21, Heidi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Took about half way through to get into it, but loved it after that. I did find one teensy error in the book. I love it when I find an error that the editor did not.

This one was a change of eye color. Perhaps the character had colored contacts. Ha ha. This was one of those books that you reread in fast motion after you first finish reading it I love Shannon Hale.

She's an amazing author. Mar 14, Angie marked it as big-fat-dnf Shelves: This kind of does it for me, I'm afraid. I think I'm swearing off Shannon Hale books for adults for good. There's just something. Every time. And since I'd like to keep my admiration for her Books of Bayern intact, I think it's best if me and her adult stuff part ways. Jun 08, Jackie rated it did not like it. Once again, I seem to be in the minority. And I realize, once again, that I'm a pretty independent thinker.

And on a side note, I'd like to add that just because a person loves something - whether it be writing, or art, or sewing, or anything creative, doesn't automatically mean they are good at it, or excel at it. Even with practice. Hale certainly seems like a nice person with a wonderful family and an apparently fairy tale life.

Good for her. Understanding that someone's opinion of a nov Once again, I seem to be in the minority. Understanding that someone's opinion of a novel is totally subjective, I submit that this particular genre adult fiction is not part of Ms.

Hale's portfolio of appreciable attributes. She's been fabulous at writing YA novels. Every single one of her adult works have left me cold. Her character and plot development are just so I remember reading a certain phrase and actually thinking: Hale must think so, too. It feels like she came up with those words and then crafted a whole chapter around them just to showcase them.

Too glaring in the intent, thus ensuring failure It's a bit difficult for me to express in my own inept way. The whole contemporary-person-vacation-in-a-Victorian-setting-thing just strikes me as strange.

Even Ms. Hale, whose idea this is, seemed to be confused at the whole back and forth, setting within a setting. Nothing about this, not a single character or event felt authentic. I love to support local authors.

In this instance about the only really good thing I can say is that I'm glad I didn't actually download this book. I saw it on the shelf of the library as I walked past, decided to "give it a go" and am content that I can deposit it back at the library without a backward glance.

I'm sorry, I just can't recommend this on any level. Jul 10, Meredith Austenesque Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: Even a year after her divorce, Charlotte Kinder still feels inadequate, numb, and culpable.

With a cheating ex-husband who's marrying his mistress and two children that take her for granted, Charlotte realizes it's time do something special for herself, something to get her out of her post-divorce funk, something to help her escape And to see so many familiar faces — the flirtatious Colonel Andrews, fussy Mrs.

Wattlesbrook, and the life of any party, Miss Charming — was an unexpected surprise. With actors, costumes, proper etiquette, and a private ball — this vacation is any Janeite's dream come true! These novels can be read out of order, but I'd recommend reading Austenland first — if you haven't done so already!

One aspect I loved about Midnight in Austenland and Austenland was learning about each heroine's past history and relationships.

Through the little excerpts before each chapter, readers caught glimpses of Charlotte's past with her ex-husband. These flashbacks, which tied-in so efficiently with the following chapters, were revealing, engaging, and expanded the reader's understanding and intimacy with Charlotte.

In addition, I loved being privy to Charlotte's Inner Thoughts, which often had much to say! Cheeky, confident, and full of snark Charlotte's Inner Thoughts had me laughing out loud! Just another example of Ms. Hale's comedic genius! To continue reading, go to: Mar 04, Jill rated it really liked it. I was hoping this book didn't turn out to be a rehash of Austenland but with different characters. Thankfully, this was not the case at all; this book is really more of just a second novel set in the same place, although a few of the peripheral characters from the first book show up again.

But in fact, I liked this book much more than the first! This one even has a nice twist, which is far superior to the predictability of Austenland. Charlotte Kinder is recovering from the divorce of a deceivin I was hoping this book didn't turn out to be a rehash of Austenland but with different characters.

Charlotte Kinder is recovering from the divorce of a deceiving, nasty husband. She has two young kids, and a successful business. Thus, she chooses Pembrook Park, where guests pretend they have stepped back into into a Jane-Austen-like society, with a staff of actors and actresses to help effectuate the illusion.

It turns out that Charlotte has a real murder mystery to solve, complicated by the fact that solving a pretend mystery is part of the entertainment. This one is better! Mar 27, Katherine Cowley rated it really liked it Shelves: This book surprised me on multiple levels.

We return to Austenland with a rich divorcee who is trying to get over her ex while dealing with teenage kids. Rather than finding herself in Pride and Prejudice, she has stumbled into a much more Gothic feeling Northanger Abbey world, complete with a murder mystery.

I loved the mystery that our protagonist takes it upon herself to solve. Lots of clues, lots of dead ends, action, and some really good twists. I love mystery novels, and I think that is one This book surprised me on multiple levels. I love mystery novels, and I think that is one of the reasons why I liked this novel a lot more than the first one.

I also felt like the lead character was a lot more substantial, with true baggage and trials to work through. Her character arc was compelling, and taught me a lesson about healing.

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There was also the implication, particularly in the ending, of a very different lifestyle than one I live or advocate. Cohabitation is generally considered normal and acceptable, and it does seem realistic for what the main character would choose.

I guess I just expect Jane Austen-style novels to end with a wedding. And I always prefer that kind of happy ending. Nov 25, Kristine rated it liked it Shelves: Occasionally I take a jaunt into chick lit when I just need and easy read, I'd rather read than watch a movie and every girl needs a romcom now and then.

First of all I'd like to say that I think Shannon Hale and I would be friends in real lives-ies if I ever were fortunate to know her. I do think she's funny. I truly adore The Goose Girl with a love of a thousand loves. One thing I notice is how esp in her adult fiction: Shannon, you're a little hokey. Like, the kind of person who would ever think of saying, "nincompoop".

I get that it's Regency England, but no, honey, don't. Just stop. But it was fun in there too - more of the variety of wishing to go to a Regency resort with my husband for a weekend. That man would look super hot and could woo me in a second, and it just so happens that may be the only place where I could ever produce cleavage corset-induced, of course. Feb 14, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: I waffled between three and four stars on this one.

Just as fun to read as Hale's first delightful romp "Austenland" the only real problem I have is that the end reminded me a bit of the "Return of the King" film; it keeps going and going and going. But, ultimately Hale's wonderful blend of real life trials and the charming escape of her appealing "Austenland" resort wins out.

If anything she does an even better job this time around of getting into why her protagonist, in this case the recent di I waffled between three and four stars on this one.

If anything she does an even better job this time around of getting into why her protagonist, in this case the recent divorcee Charlotte Kinder, would want to escape to a place like this. I genuinely enjoyed Charlotte's character and watching her grow and come into her own.

Peppered with Hales hilarious cast of characters, including the return of the fantabulous Ms. Charming a 50 something southern belle determined to portray a 20 year old English rose who, surprise, surprise, is being portrayed by Catherine Coolidge in the film version of the first Hale book this novel also has a tinge of darkness in it and honestly its a better read for it.

So while it take a bit to get there, this is a story worth following through to the bittersweet end. Midnight in Austenland, by Shannon Hale 1 7 Mar 21, Austen-related books: Midnight in Austenland 2 23 Aug 01, Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale 1 5 Jan 03, Midnight in Austenland 4 20 Feb 06, Readers Also Enjoyed. About Shannon Hale.

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Shannon Hale. Shannon Hale is the New York Times best-selling author of six young adult novels: She has written three books for adults, including the upcoming Midnight in Austenland Jan. They live near Salt Lake City, Utah with their four small children, and their pet, a small, plastic pig. Other books in the series.

Austenland 2 books. Books by Shannon Hale. Trivia About Midnight in Auste No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Midnight in Auste Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Around the Year i Midnight in Austenland, by Shannon Hale. Austen August: Midnight in Austenland.Tempestuous Tales: Digital Boxed Set. And the fact that this heroine actually becomes the heroine and saves the day, as well as herself, gives hope to all of us modern day women who relate with Charlotte Mrs Cordial in so many ways!

Who kisses a murderer just so he will not have the bad memory of trying to kill you for the second time!!! Sep 29, Fenia rated it it was amazing Shelves: J oliver rezepte.

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