General Jazz · Jazz Standards #1 · Realbook · Jazz Standards #2 · Progressions · Jazz Standards #3 · Jazz Standards #4 · BiaB Archive · Jazz Standards #5. These BIAB files would have to use top notch quality REAL tracks only for . and told them I could download a fake book for less than $ per song. This is a collection of over Real Book tunes in "Band in a Box" format. This focuses mostly on Jazz but there is some Pop stuff as well.

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Norton Music's Fake Disk #17 for Band-in-a-Box - The Hal Leonard Real Jazz Book; Norton Music's Fake Disk #18 for Band-in-a-Box - The Latin Fake Book. standards to play along with. I already have the Charlie Parker Omnibook files, I' m looking for other "Real Book" standards. Any assistance appreciated. Sorry for . Band-in-a-Box has hundreds of “Real Tracks” which are studio recorded We've created Band-in-a-Box files for some of the most popular jazz standards.

Just open Band in a Box, go to the file menu, select open BB song and navigate to the place where you extracted the files.

I haven't used the version, as I didn't download any versions after the upgrade. It didn't really do what it said on the tin, even after downloading patches. It refused to 'burn' tracks to a CD disc. It refused to transcribe solos as it should. As for typing in chords, well some of the timings were out, regardless of my using original transcripts, from which I laboriously copied in chords, bar by bar!

If you want to practice jazz, then I think you would be better served by using the Jamey Aerbersold tracks. There are also good sources at: If you wish to post on Youtube etc, I don't know how you go on regarding copyright. I believe you can use the tracks freely, as long as you don't copy them to sell. Also you might find you should pay to the 'Performing Rights Society', so that royalties can be paid to composers or to their estates, if they are deceased. Someone somewhere has the copyright to most music.

It's all very well blaming fat cats, but consider how you would feel, if someone stole one of your originals and said it was theirs? I use Band in a Box for practice yes, but it's a fiddle getting things sorted at times. That's my bit. Happy playing Stay Lucky John. Hi John, I'm sorry to hear Band in a Box is not working for you as you hoped it would. Transcribing solos B in a Box. Hi Dirk, I think I used the word transcribe in the wrong sense.

The version I have is capable of compiling the chords entered into a properly notated sheet of music. Also there is a button for 'making a solo'. However the message is always, 'Solo transcribed. Not wishing to teach you to suck eggs Dirk: As if I would! The Standards, are so called, because most of them use 'Standard Progressions'.

With 'ear-training' which soon comes to a jazz minded player one can recognise the progressions almost instantly.

So, as most standards are a 'mix and match' of these basic progressions, I would imagine maybe a half-dozen of the backing track books would cover just about any progression you might come across on a gig. So a jazz player is limited only by imagination, the scales, chords and arpeggios known, and knowing where they are on the neck.

Once you have a good grounding in those things, imagination Good standard! Even 'shredding' if you wish.

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This is why players like Joe Pass make things seem so effortless. It wasn't so much the number of scales Joe Pass knew, although he knew virtually every scale in all keys, and where they were His genius came from having the facility to hear what he wanted to play. If you pay close attention to his playing, you will hear the same scales and chords quite often, but used is many different ways!

He also wasn't a player who used arpeggios much, but for sure I reckon he knew those too. I can't claim the same knowledge. I'm not a pro, but I have been playing for 48 years now, so I am pretty familiar with most of the progressions. Thus I found Band in a Box limiting for some of the chords that are pertinent to the true, jazz sound.

I can't describe it, but it is a definite 'sound'. Maybe the new Band in a Box can play those altered chords now. I was thinking of upgrading or maybe downloading the whole package again anyhow, so I might give it a try. As you say no copyright on progressions or titles.. If it is any help to the neophytes, I see the scales as patterns on the fretboard.

I use the grid formed by frets and strings, to find the intervals I need to play through a progression.

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It's difficult at first, but like everything else, it comes to the player with practice. One important point Once you have mastered a pattern, for a particular scale, you know it can be moved around the fretboard. So, make sure you always use that same pattern to play that scale. That's how you get the familiarity to play at seemingly effortless speed. Most of Warren Nunes books are ideal for the beginner.

And some more advanced players too! Join Date Sep Posts 1. There are lots of free educational cds that come with each up grade: This program has been one of the greatest tools, and I repeat a tool, to use for practice, soloing, and improvisal skills.. If I'm having trouble soloing on a section of a song, I type in the chords per measure and play on. Join Date Sep Posts 1, Have you downloadd the new Master solo series for jazz?

I'm thinking of getting it along the master class Ken. I downloadd it a few weeks ago and i've been using i nonstop since. Also, if you're looking for free songs, they have a few you can download at nortonmusic.

The quality isn't perfect but since it's free there's not much to complain about.. It almost always does that the way I learned it in school. But I never-ever use it for melody that doesn't mean it's wrong to do that.

I want to play the melody myself. I never use the notation as anything but an aid in making styles, as I have a full-featured notation app that is more flexible. There are plenty of other features I never use, but that doesn't mean others don't enjoy and get use out of them. I'd love to be able to put the melodies in my fake disks.

I'd play them in real-time with my wind controller and end up with a product that the melody seekers would like. Plus it would be fun to do. But the law says I can't do that without permission and permission is too costly for the customer base I have or think I could cultivate with this niche product, so I abide by the law.

And I have mixed feelings about the law. Of course, that would involve a lot of paperwork but in this day and age a computer could do all this with minimal effort on the part of the seller.

But that probably won't happen. It seems the industry would rather fight digital users than work with them. But then, I'm on the outside looking in. I've been working on it for well over a year, trying to get the right styles and choosing which extensions to use when BiaB doesn't support an particular chord and there are many in the Real Book.

I'm on what I think is the final revision. It's been a labor of love but more time consuming than I figured to do it right. There will be no melodies or lyrics in it though. My business has been audited by BMI twice and in the end they did not accuse me of doing anything wrong, so the lawyer fee I paid when I started my business was worth every penny when BMI came knocking at my door.

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While I don't agree with the copyright laws, as a legitimate business owner, I have no ethical choice but to abide by them. In the two BMI audits since the early s obeying the law proved to be the right thing to do. Of course that's just opinion as I said, I'm on the outside looking in. So anyway if you find what you are looking for, it's probably not legal to sell it and not legal to download the stolen merchandise.

I wish it was not that way. Much thanks for all your replies. My goal would be to use BIAB to play live instrumental music, possibly saving the end file on mp3s and pdfs and use that to play with instead of BIAB itself. I would follow the melody along for a chorus or two then solo over the changes for a while, etc.

Although I have been playing a long time, I have not developed improvisation skills to a great extent, so displaying or printing the scales along with the melody would help with improvisation. From your replies, I see there is no easy way to do this, like downloading "one" product and using it. Looks like there is going to be some work involved in getting everything ready; not that I mind a great deal, but it it going to take some time.

I have a friend who does this and likes it, although he doesn't play live with them. I agree that the Music Industry is really behind the curve on digital formats. It seems absurd to me; all this for me to play in a venue that is already paying for Music copyrights to be played there anyway. Thanks again, Dan.

I don't agree the music industry is behind on this particular digital issue, because this is one of the only areas where rampant piracy is discouraged. If you made a living writing music, you might agree with me.

Hamlin NY. I agree with Matt. Stop pirating and the copyrights would not be necessary. Many of the younger generation think that music, among other things, should be free. Not me! I still download CDs, vinyl and MP3s. The MP3s I usually burn to a disc. As a local music store's bumper sticker says "Support your local musicians". New Mexico.

Here, here! You may not like it and you may think the cost of "stuff" is too high but that is immaterial. Larry Kehl. Notes Norton. Sample tank 3, digitech vocalist live 2 ,Byerdynamic pro, akg k,akg k Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. May 28, May 27, May 22, May 21, May 17, May 16, May 14, Max Online: What are you looking for?

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Real Book Band in a Box

Latest Posts. Unanswered Posts. You are not logged in. Page 1 of 2. You need to be logged in to post. So if you assign the synth in BiaB to your Sound Canvas, you will be able to play it with those sounds. Why MIDI? I can change the instrument, change styles in the middle of the song if necessary and change the instruments so they match the other style, and do a lot of things you cannot do with Real Tracks to make the parts of the song sound more like the song should and less generic than the RTs.

SGU in Band-in-a-Box song format for the famous Beatles song, "A Day In The Life" - A number of different styles were used, and the instrument assignments were changed so the same instruments play throughout the song.

RT styles couldn't come even close to the song, with MIDI and some manipulation, it gets really, really close. Nobody did, they didn't even submit a challenger. But Leilani, who chose the styles and did the editing was called by one person, "A Band-in-a-Box Goddess". Excerpted from Keyboard magazine, March by Craig Anderton: Today you can easily record tracks of digital audio on a basic laptop, so MIDI may seem irrelevant in the studio.How many songs written with a 12 bar blues progression can you name?

Because they contain both the biggest collections, and the best selections of popular music you can get for your bucks - period. Sometimes the borrowing of the progression is intentional, sometimes it is not, a composer's subconscious mind can store something it likes and then reinvent it later.

If you have a smartphone, use iRealBook. Why MIDI?