Select ebook for download hackers toeic actual test listening 1 Tomato toefl ibt actual test reading level 2 for korean italian edition ebook tomato Communicate with confidence step 2 take an online practice test ing and Icd 9 Cm, Intensive Care Nursing A Framework For Practice, About Children And Children. Chia Se Cuc Lon Kho Sach Thi IELTS TOEFL TOEIC - Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), This eBook contains a total of sample TOEFL essays, offering an intensive preparation for this part of the test. .. Tomato TOEIC - Writing Flow Ch bin: Neungyule Education Test Software TOEIC Writing . adjectives. Tomato TOEIC Compact Part 5 & 6 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Chung ta co tM su dung to-infinitive ho~c V-ing sau dQng tU continue ma The staff attended an intensive training course on schedule management.

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Hc t vng c bn: Bn c th s dng cun Tomato Intensive reading luyn t vng. i vi t vng th . K nng Reading cho l trnh luyn thi TOEIC Gm 17 bi ring bit, tng hp li. Machiaj Ing rijire par. . 09/01/ Sams Teach Yourself Wpf In 24 Hours Pdf Ebook Download tomato intensive toeic reading ebook download. contains not less than 12 % tomato solids and 28 % total solids. How ketchup is made - ingredients of, manufacture, making wholesome tomatoes of intensive red color by washing, crushing into pulp, concentrating Interior design illustrated francis dk ching Barron s toeic practice exams with mp3 cd 2nd edition How to.

Every effort has been made to ensure that all of the information given in this catalogue was correct at the time of going to press.

We believe it is part of our mission to lead, influence and transform global English language education by providing an integrated and holistic approach to learning and teaching.

Our strong belief in the Cambridge learning ethos and the integrated approach to education is what sets us apart from other English language education providers. The four key principles that underpin everything we do are Expertise, Experience, Quality and Innovation. Give your students the best support Focus on the language they really need As part of the University of Cambridge, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We are known the world over for quality materials that really work — from the ever-popular English Grammar in Use page 62 , to best-selling courses like Touchstone page 28 and English in Mind page We use the latest research to understand how English works and to help students learn more effectively.

Find out more about our two major research projects, Cambridge English Corpus and English Profile, on page 5. College graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to gain employment. The company's profits have been declining consecutively for three quarters. The members of the residents' association convened in the community hall at the appointed time. Cdc thanh. There is a marked difference in quality between Techno Toy's products and their rival's.

The sales results improved significantly in the last quarter of the year. Doanh so' ban hang da tang dang ki'trong quy cuG! Walters, who gave the keynote address at the law conference, is a particularly impressive speaker. Faster transfer speed is one of the demonstrated benefits of the T-Speed Internet service. As part of the approved sales strategy, the company began aggressively advertising online.

Gong ty dd bdt ddu chien dich qudng cdo true tuyen ram rq nhu la mqt phdn trong chien IWlC kinh doanh da duac thong qua.

When you meet the clients, please do not lose your temper or become with them. A arguable B argue C argument D argumentative. Do truoc cbb tr6ng la dong tu become nen kha nang co tM la A arguable , C argument va D argumentative. Trong vi du tren, chii tu la you chi nguoi, nen ta phai chon cau tra dung la D argumentative. Cau hoi luyen tap 29 We may need to spend time outside the office, meeting with current and prospective clients, and participating in trade association meetings.

A consider 8 consideration C considerate 0 considerable. Vocabulary file , All staff members should be careful at all times while using the equipment. Tat cd nhdn uien phdi ludn cd'n than trong khi sit dung thief bi. The new maintenance manager, Jenny Stenson, has a very caring attitude towards her staff.

Ba Jenny Stenson, truong phong bdo tri moi dam chuc, co thai dtj rat quan tam din nluin vien. Casper Greening is an extremely reliable worker with an excellent work ethic.

Many analysts believe that the Australian economy is overly reliant on mining. Our bid for the Gerbert Electric advertising contract was successful. Pd6ng qudng cdo cho cong ty Gerbert Electric da thank congo Jim Folkes has won the employee award for three successive years. To obtain a credit card, you will need to complete a form listing your name, age, occupation and financial status. The occupancy rate at the new apartment complex is nearly percent already.

The objective of the investigation is to find out what caused the accident. Despite the objections of several employees, the management will implement the new pay system. Conference attendees can help themselves to refreshments in the adjacent room. Organizers estimated the attendance at the "Concert in the Park" at over 10, If you're a potential investor who wants to get a good on your investment, you should know which stocks to download.

A trust B information C return D performance. Neu doc lu6t qua cac hra chon duoc cho, ban se khong tMy tu profit hay benefit nhu thuong duoc S11 dung, Tuy nhien, neu ban biet duQ'c nhieu nghia ctia tu, ban se chon lua chon C return. Tit vung potential c6 tiim ruing investor nha ddu tu investment su ddu tu stock ClJ'phdn Dich nghia Ne'u ban Ill. Bonus - potential adD: Cau h6i luyen tap 30 The economy slowed down in the autumn, according to the latest of The Pacific Economist, a bi-monthly journal published by McAllister Associates.

A discussion 8 issue C principle 0 problem. The marketing director hasn't decided who she will promote to the supervisory role. Ba gidm Mc titp thi chua quytt dinh. The seasonal fluctuations in temperature this year roughly correspond to those we experienced last year.

Ben Wilson corresponds with his American friends who are in Japan. Ben Wilson trao do! My cua anh ta a Nhdt. According to the download terms, the camera is covered by the warranty for 1 year.

Your travel allowance should cover meal and accommodation expenses. The Swiss Alps are covered in snow all year round. Day nui An-pa a Th1j. Denali is an outstanding candidate for the open managerial position. Go Denali la mQt ling cu vien sang gid cho vj tri gidm doc con dang bJ trong.

Robin is ineligible for a loan at First Finance until she settles all her outstanding debts. Doctors agreed to treat the man even though he didn't have insurance.

Cdc bdc sf dd d6ng j chua try cho nguai dan ting cho du dng ay khOng co dong baa hie'm. The team manager treated his employees to a special celebratory lunch. Vien dQi truang dli chieu ddi nhdn vien cda ting ta mQt boo! The industrial relations manager is refusing to yield to the union's wage demands. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part.

You are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible within the time allowed. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in your test book. PART 5 Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below.

Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter A , B , C , or D on your answer sheet.

Please remember to remove all of your Critics regard Bergstein as one of the most personal items you disembark from the film directors of his generation. A technician was brought in to fix the The GX portable camera is not only more problem with the air conditioning unit.

The operations department has been working A large percentage of graduates are on a more effective way to measure our careers in high-tech industries such as overall IT security, programming, and software A output development. The CEO's secretary made a for Farriano recommended that we six people at the most famous seafood Mr.

Sidney as a representative of the restaurant in the city. A preservation A were selecting. All of the nation's most important historical The authorities motorists to avoid J c documents are in the public library taking the western highway because of the and museum in Wellington. Some tourists were photos of the Kirsten Gerhart, who the company's Several members of the opposition party Customers who join the Tracey Department to the way in which the legislation Store Membership Club can get as much was drafted.

A object A than 8 reject 8 as C subject C for D eject 0 with. Luxton and her team of specialists Carson and the other managers do a new marketing strategy since the not consider Michael Poulter to be a beginning of the year. A are developing A conceivable 8 were being developed 8 various C have been developing C reliable D would develop D simultaneous. All employees are expected to make the You need to pay the parking ticket in full effort the company's new emergency the next 20 days, or you will face protocols.

According to the staff rule, the cooking One of the new recruits started last Monday, area needs to be cleaned every night while is scheduled to begin working before the restaurant closes.

The advertising task force would never have Located near the east coast, Mobeki is the finished making the promotional materials if small rural village in President Kiwato Ms. Jefferson to help out. A has not volunteered A that B was not volunteering B where C would not volunteer C what 0 had not volunteered 0 which. Following the introduction of an enhanced The entrance to get into the San benefits package, employee morale was Francisco Zoo is three times more expensive raised Most forecasters are predicting that the The supervisor in charge of the production stormy weather around San Bernadino will team for next weekend's not clear up Tuesday at the earliest.

Grant also reviewed the budget proposal After hours of deliberation, the interview before forwarding it to the finance committee finally the marketing director for final approval. At Tenk Industries, we encourage our The finance director of the government employees to in regular training health care agency accepted bribes activities and seminars.

J e The governor says the drop in A consequence 8 concentration C conciliation on people's respiratory organs. The Impact Outdoor store in Hermania Watanabe, your Japanese guide and Mall sells hiking gear and modern interpreter. Deni Raviso is considered to be Tom Higgins will provide a detailed of the most promising young executive at the new parking permit system at the staff Cornatec Industries.

Read the texts on the following pages. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four answer choices are given below each of these sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter A , 8 , C , or D on your answer sheet. According to our records, your subscription to World Issues is due to next month. If you would A commence 8 expire C match D correspond. You can either send us an email atcustomermanagement wim. A value 8 valued C valuing D values.

Technical Support Staff From: Glen Holderness, Managing Director Re: Communication skills. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your excellent work. You are an essential part of the Vesper Insurance Inc.! However, a few of your colleagues from around the company about the way you interact A has complained 8 complains C have complained D complaining. It seems that some of you are impatient when dealing with their problems. I realize it must be hard explaining technical matters to people who lack with computers.

However, we A proficiency 8 capacity C intention D opportunity. Accordingly, I have arranged a training session on communication skills for technical support A voluntary 8 flexible C mandatory D indifferent. The session will be held tomorrow in the conference room at 8 a. I look forward to seeing you all there, no exceptions. I'm sure you'll find the training very useful. Bad news. I'm sorry to inform you that your shipment a couple of days late. Originally, we had scheduled A arrived B has arrived C arrives D will arrive.

Unfortunately, we have had trouble hold of some of the personal care goods you requested. A got B gotten C get D getting. I apologize for any inconvenience, and I assure you that your shipment is now our top We will A priority B performer C speed D urgency. We will also compensate you financially for the delay. New York's annual Italian Cultural Festival once again proved extremely popular with people around the city.

The festival to an end last night with a free performance of the opera "Carmen" in A took B went C gave 0 came. Central Park. Organizers are suggesting that over 20, people attended last night's event.

A further , people are believed to have taken part in some of the festival's other A attractions B partitions C appearances 0 observances. The head of the festival's organizing committee, Angela di Venuto, was very delighted with this year's turnout: New York City mayor Bob Gordon, who was in at last night's opera, was also thrilled with the A attend B attention C attending 0 attendance.

He said that events such as this "prove what an amazing city New York is. Franklin as the most likely successor to the position of CEO. Cong thtic thanh lap: Cong dung: Vi du tren la dang cau hOi tteu bieu ve thi hien tat hoan thanh, CM y: Since la mot lien tu chi thoi gian conjunction of time co nghia la ke tu hhi The supervisor halted work on the line Having discussed the benefits package with yesterday afternoon so that the maintenance the company's top executives for several crew could inspect the malfunctioning hours, the union negotiators finally made a machinery.

Astle, who runs groceries in several areas, Corporate executives who are unwilling a member of the London Society Club calculated risks occasionally seldom manage for over 30 years. Trans Atlantic Inc. Unfortunately, we will have to change all the the most knowledgeable and friendly in the dates and times on the itinerary I sent tourist industry. Fourie's visit. Visitors are not allowed to park in the The plan to utilize direct marketing techniques apartment parking lot unless they have from the recommendations made in obtained a parking from the security Ms.

Matai's research report. VH Telecom spokesman, Greg Hollis, Before the following program on your predicted that the company's performance computer, please make sure you have read would be even next quarter.

A strong A install The state government today a study Provided that Ms. Cunningham is willing showing that the standard of living across to work cooperatively on the project, Mr.

Although he is very experienced, Gavin Even though the finance executive didn't The Federal Reserve Bank managed to personally authorize the illegal download, keep inflation low the period that the he is responsible for the actions of economy was in recession.

An extra customer service training session taxation plan, the governor answered many will be held before work tomorrow morning questions from concerned citizens. The freelance journalist will email a your trip, please don't hesitate to contact draft of the article to The International Maison Travel. Roundup's editor, Lesley Haggis. The company directors decided not to The hospital has a backup just follow advice that the financial in case there is a power failure or a civil consultant gave them.

The CEO still hasn't explained the reason In accordance with Fedline Bus Co. Bendali is excited at the prospect of policy, please that your seatbelt is leading the company's main product fastened at all times while on board. D endorse D benefit. The paper factory in Slough, which employs Keith Branson, the secretary of the over 3, , has been in operation for company's social committee, will book the more than 50 years.

A specialist mediator was brought in to help At Jack's Kitchen, we sell top-quality knives the two parties solve their dispute over the and cooking equipment at surprisingly real estate contract The airline will all passengers on After days of wild fluctuation on the flight PA08 to Amsterdam of the delay in the international monetary markets, analysts departure time.

Members of the Kentucky Library are only Foreigners who visit the United States allowed to up to 10 books, video on a tourist visa must leave the country tapes or COs at anyone time. The electronics firm's sales have increased The senator was grateful for the opportunity Miniature figures made plastic are to confront his detractors and some considered safer than wooden or metal toys.

A in A answer 8 at 8 answered C of C answering 0 up 0 answers. The warranty for the Campus Stock fax The human resources division is currently and copier will be considered invalid if the the possibilities of employing more machine is handled by a customer.

A improperly A glancing 8 insufficiently 8 exploring C dishonestly C viewing 0 unfittingly O watching. I am writing to express my again for the work your firm did in promoting our appeal. Thanks to A ambivalence B dissatisfaction C gratitude D condolence.

This should be enough to With the A estimate B charge C cover D account. We would be delighted to use your consulting services again in the future.

I will also be happy to recommend your firm to potential clients. A other B another C others D the other. Living Interiors is the one-stop shop for all your building and renovating needs!

Those searching for inspiration or basic advice on how to enhance the look of their home should look no further than Living Interiors' specialist Renovation Consultants. Our consultants are all friendly, highly-trained professionals have a great deal of knowledge and expertise.

A which 8 who C what D this. On the other hand, Living Interiors also has plenty to offer more renovators as well. With top A season 8 seasonable C seasoned 0 seasoning. Living Interiors is the place to go for renovators of innovative ideas, useful advice and A needless 8 in need C necessary D by necessity. There a major ceremony for veterans of World War II in the main gallery at dawn on Friday, A was 8 will be C would have been 0 has been.

April Admission to the event is by invitation, with spaces reserved for public figures and veterans and their families only. The museum will not A function 8 instance C issue 0 situation. We would like to apologize to our regular patrons for the inconvenience. However, I trust that you will all realize how important it is to honor our war heroes in an appropriate manner.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Environmental activists yesterday protested outside the Matheson Convention Center in Chicago where the annual Energy Summit was being held. The summit, a high-profile event that attracts the top executives from across the gas and energy industry, for over two hours while 2, A delayed 8 was delayed C had delayed D delays. The protestors initially managed to force the police back and even moved to within a few meters of the conference room that was hosting the forum.

Fearing for the safety of the delegates, the convention center's security staff ordered that the room be A decorated 8 evacuated C occupied D locked.

A little over two hours later, as the protest outside died down, delegates returned to the convention center to resume the forum. The police arrested and charged a small group of protesters afterwards.

The protestors deliberately targeted the forum as part of their campaign against the alleged environmental caused by power companies. They claim that coal and oil power stations A coalition 8 destruction C promotion D integration. Numb-er Answer. M6i nam eo hang trieu du khach den tham quan va chiem ngu6ng nha tho' nay. Cho den nay, trai qua hon nam thiet ke va xay dung, rat nhieu cong sue va tien cua da do vao cong trinh nay. Den nay ngtroi ta van chua xac dinh den khi nao cong trinh se hoan thanh va hmh dang tuyet my ciia no khi hoan tat se ra sao.

Cac cum ttr chl thot gian thuong la: Trina will have served for almost 10 years by the time she retires. Leading economic analysts predict that domestic earnings will have increased by more than 12 percent by June next year.

It is highly unlikely that the joint venture will The position of executive assistant is open go ahead the two parties couldn't to all applicants with experience in handling reach an agreement on several key issues. Kearns was made a very attractive To receive a Berring's Credit Card, simply to come and work at Pilsner Beer, Scotland's the form below and return it to any largest brewery. Berring's Bank branch.

If China's economy continues to grow at In order to stay focused and invigorated, the current rate, the country an ever office workers should take refreshment greater influence over world affairs in the breaks during the day.

According to the flier, a subscription to one of the manager is determined to take the team Coastal TC's cell phone plans costs as little for an outing to Ridley Park.

Donald's report a number of This fully furnished, two-bedroom apartment interesting observations about our target is located near shopping areas and audience and our competitor's marketing local amenities. D organizes. The seminar leader wanted all the attendees to give him some feedback about the session. Passengers cannot find their belongings at the baggage claim area should visit the Lost Property desk. Melbourne Super's fresh fruit and produce The region's biggest construction firm, Wise Wilson will conduct job interviews and Bosco, is involved with of the with the 20 most promising for the city's most important public works.

The appointed director of marketing, Garrick Fitness Club's personal trainers will Chris Fox, will meet with the other tailor an exercise plan to suit your executives for the first time on Monday.

All employees must remember to have Located near Kaitaia on the east coast of annual medical checkups before the the North Island, 90 Mile Beach is one of end of the month. New Zealand's most tourist sites. Once all the nominations are put forward, Year's Employee Award.

A engaged A announce 8 enclosed 8 announcement C encouraged C announces 0 enhanced 0 announcer. All entries for the prize draw to win a free trip Although she has just started the work, the for 4 to Cosmic Planet in Orlando must be new employee seems on pursuing a submitted November 23 at the latest.

A until A intended 8 by 8 intend C for C intention 0 over 0 intent. All visitors to Croke County Hospital are Volvo's new S60 is equipped with all The sales projections drawn up by the safety features, including airbags, A8S finance team that the company is on breaks, and impact-absorbing structures. A everyday A indicated 8 habitual 8 indication C potential C indicate 0 standard 0 indicating. From our client's , Ms. Hause's initial St. Siovania's flight to Frankfurt on the 2nd A exclude A will be 8 exclusive 8 was C excluding C is 0 excluded 0 had been.

The executive board met last week Each bid must be labeled in the manner the proposal to merge with Alloy Industry specified here and sent to the Inc. Ojama talked with the heads of Jenkin's Bookstore will refund or exchange department about the company's new any item so long as it is returned 30 handling employee absenteeism.

The retailer's customer representatives In his novel The Somme, Worlsey's received complaints about faulty description of events closely to electronics equipment sold at several stores. We would appreciate it if you did not ask According to yesterday's report in the New Ms.

Patterson questions she finishes York Times, more than 10, people giving her presentation. Milford Education, a leading publisher of foreign language dictionaries and learning materials, A launches 8 launched C were launching 0 will launch.

The service, known as the E-Lator; can translate text instantly into several different languages. The company spokesperson is promising that the website, www. Traditionally, such online services have proven unreliable, providing users with awkward translations. However, Milford Education executives are confident that the E-Lator can produce A clumsy 8 natural C scientific 0 illiterate.

They firmly believe that the E-Lator site will become an extremely useful source for foreign language learners. Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. The designers are currently working on adding several other languages to this list, including Russian, Chinese and Korean. Unfortunately, that I have to attend to on Saturday I am currently scheduled to I have some important the 18th. It looks like I will need to Please note that I will be more than happy to pay the standard nightly rate for my stay.

I originally planned to advantage of your special 5-night offer. As I will no longer be at your hotel for this A make 8 take C give 0 show. I hope you can get back to me soon to this change in arrangements. A notify 8 reserve C confirm 0 assure. Many employees have been complaining recently that the refreshment area is often left untidy. It is in everyone's interest that this space should remain clean and orderly, so please do your best to keep it that way.

To make sure that we do not have any further problems, I will introduce an employee roster system for kitchen area duties. This means that you will all have to take looking after the area. Duties A turns 8 rides C tries D efforts.

I will send you each a copy of the roster I have finished drawing it up. A during 8 when C while D by. On behalf of the St. Michael's Charitable Trust, I would like to you to participate in the opening A forbid B thank C caution 0 invite. Michael's homeless shelter.

The shelter, which is located on Steadway Orive in the inner- city, will feed, clothe and house up to 25 people at a time. I'm sure you will agree that we are a A provide B provided C providing 0 provision. We would be delighted if you would come along to the event to show your support. Perhaps it would be appropriate for you to say a few words for the volunteers who have worked so hard to develop this important community service. The opening ceremony will begin at 3: Light refreshments will be served afterwards.

I hope you will be able to make it in time for this symbolic occasion. A direct B directly C director 0 direction. Yours sincerely, Caroline Parker Chairperson, St. Bn c th s dng cun Tomato Intensive reading luyn t vng.

Hoc sch: Nguyn tc hc t vng ph bin l hc trong cm t trong cu, trnh hc t cht. V d hc t "corner" phi hc trong nhm t "on the corner of", hc "interested" phi nh cm "be interested in" th mi bit cch t cu cho ng. Mt cch hc thng minh l bn hy c gng "chen" nhng t va mi hc vo khi tp ni hay khi tp vit email bng ting Anh. C th lc u bn cn rt lng tng v thiu t nhin nhng chnh nhng lc nh vy bn s nh t c nhiu nht v theo thi gian, bn s s dng c ngy cng nhiu t vng hay mt cch thnh tho.

Ct li vn y chnh l bn ang t gip mnh to ra nhng tnh hung c th s dng ngay nhng t mi hc. Bn cng cn lun mang theo mt cun s nh ghi chp t vng mi bn mnh tranh th hc khi rnh ri. Hy t cho mnh mc tiu mi ngy hc vi t ty theo kh nng ca mnh v nh l n tp thng xuyn theo nh k 3 ngy, 1 tun hay mt thng. Hin nay trn th trng c rt nhiu sch t hc t vng rt hay. Ti xin gii thiu cc bn tham kho b sch sau: Luyn nghe c bn: Bn hy tai mnh lm quen vi m iu, cch pht m bng cch nghe ting anh mi ngy. Bn c th khng hiu nhng hy c gng nghe thng xuyn.

Mt thi gian ngn kh nng nghe ca bn s tng ng k. Trc khi nghe, bn hy suy ngh v ti gip bn hnh dung v phn on c nhng g sp nghe, nghe chnh trc tin tr li cu hi tng qut, nghe nhng t chnh ri on, khng nht thit phi nghe ra tng t tng t mt, sau nghe li Mr Tho http: Tuyt i khng xem trc ni dung bi kha trc khi nghe. Ch khi nghe xong ri bn mi va nghe va c bi kim tra li v hc thm t mi cng nh tng cng cc cch din t hay c trong bi. Bn cng nn c theo bng nhiu ln sau khi nghe xong luyn pht m v nh bi tt hn.

Nguyn tc chung cho vic rn luyn k nng nghe hiu qu l nghe cng nhiu cng tt. Tranh th mi ti liu v c hi nghe c th nghe bng, nghe nhc, nghe radio, xem TV, xem phim M c ph ting Anh.

Giai on 2: Thi gian mt thng. Bn hy xem qua sch mt lt chia thi gian hc cho hp l. Bn hy hc kt hp phn c v phn nghe. Trong mi quyn sch u c phn test th. Hy lm bi test v luyn tp tht nhiu nhng phn cn yu. Giai on 3: Cc giai on trc khng nn ng k m ch nn cng c kin thc nh vy s tit kim c thi gian v kinh ph. Bn hy tip thu kin thc c truyn th trung tm, lm bi test tht nhiu v hc t mi mi ngy. Giai on 4: Tuy nhin, nu tun th ng k hoch t ra v n lc trong vng ba thng th kt qu chc hn s khng lm bn tht vng.

Cu tr li y khng sai. Tuy nhin, iu ti k vng hc sinh ca ti tr li s l: V theo ti, mc tiu cng c th th kh nng thnh cng cng cao, cc em cng c nhng bc chun b, vch ra k hoch, l trnh khoa hc trong luyn thi TOEIC Mc tiu t c Target. V vy, iu u tin, cc em phi vch ra mc tiu trong ngn hn-short term ca mnh, quyt tm ht sc t c mc tiu. Hon thnh c mc tiu short term, mc tiu di hn long-term ch cn l vn thi gian m thi.

V th, qua bi vit ny, ti mun ra mt l trnh luyn thi Toeic cho ngi mi bt u beginner , vi mc tiu l im. Rt nhiu hc sinh tm s vi ti rng, em mun hc Toeic nhng li khng bit bt u t u v ng php ca em cn yu lm, lng t li khng nhiu, em li li nghe lm. Tuy nhin, luyn thi li l mt k nng ring bit. Cc bn nu nm c mt s b quyt lm bi cng nh bit nh trng tm vo cc ch im trng yu ca k thi th vic ginh c s im cao trong thi gian ngn khng phi l mt mc tiu xa vi. Sau y l l trnh n luyn Toeic cho mc tiu m ti mun vch ra cho cc bn.

Mun t c mc tiu, iu c bn u tin l cc bn phi nm c Format ca thi cng nh nhng ch im hay xut hin trong c cu. V th, ti chia l trnh hc ra 2 giai on, 2 k nng ring bit: Gm 17 bi ring bit, tng hp li nhng ch im ng php, c ng dng c th trong c cu thi. Th hin ti hon thnh v hin ti hon thnh tip din Unit 3: Th qu kh hon thnh v qu kh hon thnh tip din Mr Tho http: Th tng lai n v tng lai gn Unit 6: Th tng lai tip din v tng lai hon thnh Unit 7: Th tng lai tip din v tng lai hon thnh tip Unit 8: Adj adv v tr, chc nng Unit 9: Adj adv comparision Unit Gerund Infinitive Unit Relative Clause Mnh quan h Unit Conjunctions Unit Conjunctions continue Unit Cu iu kin Conditional sentences.

Gm 10 bi l thuyt v luyn tp 4 dng bi trong th thc thi. Tng dng bi s c nhng k nng nghe ring bit. Pictures things - Nghe tranh v vt Unit 2: Pictures- People - Nghe tranh v ngi Unit 3: Question response What, when, Where, who Unit 4: Question response How, Why, Choice question Unit 5: Question response Statement, Yes, No q uestion Unit 6: Short conversation Listen one - two questions Unit 7: Short conversation Listen three questions Unit 8: Short talk- Identify Topic Unit 9: Short talk- Identify situation Unit Short talk-Identify sequence.

1560 câu Toeic có giải thích.pdf

Th hin ti n v th hin ti tip din Hm nay, ti gii thiu ti cc bn bng so snh v dng thc cng nh cch s dng 2 th kh n gin: Th Hin ti n v Th Hin ti tip din. Trong lc luyn thi TOEIC vi dng bi ny cc bn cn nm c mt s signal words t tn hiu quan trng nhn bit th mt cch chnh xc. Din t mt thi quen a habit Ex: I usually go to bed at 11 p. She is crying now 2. Din t mt lch trnh c sn a schedule Ex: The plane takes off at 3 p. She is having breakfast with She is beautiful They are excellent 1.

I've bought 2 plane tickets. S dng trong cu iu kin loi 1: What will you do if you fail your exam? S dng trong mt s cu trc hay xut hin trong thi - We will wait, until she comes. Mt s ng t khng c dng V-ing Nhng ng t sau y ch dng dng n: We are on holiday. Sam has a cat. He feels the cold. Jane loves pizza.

I believe you. Trn y l nhng kin thc c bn cc bn phn bit c s khc nhau ca hai th. Sau y l phn luyn tp th Hin ti n v th Hin ti tip din:. Th hin ti hon thnh v th hin ti hon thnh tip din Th Hin ti Hon thnh v Hin ti hon thnh tip din the present perfect tense, the present perfect continuos tense l 2 th gy nhiu kh khn cho hc sinh. Hm nay, ti s a ra mt s du hiu nhn bit c bn gip cc bn c ci nhn tng qut hn v 2 th Th hin ti hon thnh v th hin ti hon thnh tip din ny, ng thi trnh nhng nhm ln khng ng c trong lc luyn thi TOEIC.

Cng thc chung: To be: Nhn mnh n tnh kt qu ca mt hnh ng Ex: I have read this book three times 2. Nhn mnh tnh lin tc ca mt hnh ng Ex: She has been waiting for him all her lifetime 2. I have been searching for a new apartment all the morning. Signal Words: All the morning, all the afternoon, all day long, since, for, how long Th qu kh n v th qu kh tip din The past simple and The past continuous Qu kh n v Qu kh tip din l hai th c bn nhng rt quan trng hnh thnh nn nhng cu ni n gin cng nh hu ch trong qu trnh c hiu.

Vic nm chc hai th Th qu kh n v th qu kh tip din The past simple and The past continuous trong lc luyn thi TOEIC s gip cc bn d dng hiu r nhng bi vit n gin, c bit l th Qu kh n. Bn cnh , ti lu cc bn cn ch phn Signal Words-mt phn rt quan trng gip nhn bit du hiu ra v 2 th ny trong hc Toeic.

Dng thc Th qu kh n v th qu kh tip din. Din t mt hnh ng xy ra v chm dt hon ton trong qu kh Ex: Dickens wrote Oliver Twist 2. Din t cc hnh ng xy ra lin tip trong qu kh Ex: She came home, switched on the computer and checked her e-mails.

Din t mt hnh ng ang xy ra ti mt thi im trong qu kh Ex: What were you doing at 8: Din t hai hnh ng xy ra song song nhau trong qu kh Ex: While my dad was reading a magazine, my mum was cooking dinner 3. Signal Words:. At this time last night; at this moment last year; at 8 p.

Unit 4: Cc bn c th d phn bit th Qu kh hon thnh, tuy nhin th Qu kh hon thnh tip din vn gy khng t kh khn cho cc bn c bit l hay ra trong lc bn luyn tp cc dng bi luyn thi TOEIC. Cc bn hy in dng thc th cho 2 cu sau: She already eat by the time he left 2. Jane study for 4 hours when he came home p n ca 2 cu trn l: S d p n cu 1 l th Qu kh hon thnh v chng ta c Signal word l by the time. Hnh ng he left xy ra trc hnh ng eat cho nn chng ta phi li i mt th. Cu th 2 s dng th Qu kh hon thnh tip din l chnh xc bi chng ta c Signal word l for 4 hours.

Hnh ng study xy ra trong vng 4 gi, xy ra trc c hnh ng came home cho nn ta s dng th Qu kh Hon thnh tip din- nhn mnh tnh lin tc ca hnh ng. Nh vy, chng ta rt ra c mt im chung l: Sau y l bng so snh s khc nhau ca 2 th: She had been a good dancer when Ex: She had been carrying a heavy she met a car accident bags 2. We went to his office, but he had left. Din t mt hnh ng xy ra trc trc mt hnh ng khc trong mt hnh ng khc trong Qu kh qu kh.

I had been thinking about that Ex: The police camewhen the before you mentioned it robber had gone away. Din t mt hnh ng ko di lin 2. Dng m t hnh ng tc n mt hnh ng khc trong Qu trc mt thi gian xc nh kh trong qu kh. We had been making chicken soup, Ex: I had finished my homework so the kitchen was still hot and steamy Mr Tho http: If I had knownthat, I would have acted differently. I wish you had told me about that - I had turned off the computer before I came home - AfterI turned off the computer, I came home - He had painted the house by the timehis wife arrived home 4.

When, by the time, until, before, after when she came in 3. Signal words: Unit 5: What horrible weather today. I'd love to go out, but I think it will just continue raining. Oh, I don't know. Perhaps the sun will come out later this afternoon.

I hope you're right. Listen, I'm going to have a party this Saturday. Would you like to come? Oh, I'd love to come. Thank you for inviting me. Who's going to come to the party? Well, a number of people haven't told me yet. But, Peter and Mark are going to help out with the cooking! Hey, I'll help, too!

Would you? That would be great! I'm sure everyone will have a good time.

Tomato TOEIC Compact Part 5 & 6

That's the plan! Chng ta s tr li on hi thoi sau khi cc bn nghin cu bng so snh di y: He will probably become a successful businessman 2. She is going to be an actress soon. I will help you to deal with Ex: We are having a party this this. Din t mt quyt nh ngay ti 1. Din t mt k hoch, d nh thi im ni On-the-spot decision intention, plan Ex: Ill geta pen.

I am going to you. Din t li d on khng c cn holiday? It is going to - Who do you think will getthe job? My boss 3. I think; I don't think; I am afraid; I am sure that; I fear that; perhaps; probably 3. Nhng evidence hin ti. Sau y l mt s phn tch, p dng kin thc t bng so snh trn: Dialog - The Party Martha: Signal word: I think Jane: Intention Jane: I am sure Martha: Unit 6: We'll be having dinner then.

Din t mt hnh ng ang xy ra ti mt thi im xc nh trong tng lai Ex: Din t mt hnh ng s hon thnh trc mt hnh ng khc trong tng lai.

Li u tin mnh xin chn thnh gi li cm n n tt c cc bn

Signal words by the time, by the end of.. At this time tomorrow, at this moment next year, at present next friday, at 5 p. Unit 7: Bi tp tng hp v Th Trong cc phn trc chng ta c hc 6 units v cc th hay xut hin lc luyn thi toeic, hoc toeic. Bao gm: Wait a minute, I.. Carry B. Will carry C. Is carrying D. Have carried 2. After Larry.. Have seen B. Had seen C. Had been seeing D. Saw 3. Have waited B. Have been waiting C. Is waiting 4. While the doctor.. Mr Jones, his son outside this morning.

Do you got Mr Tho http: Have you got C. Has you got 2. Is he always having B. Does he always has C. Does he always have 4. Unit 8: Mc tiu ca bi vit hm nay, ti mun cc bn hc v nh v tr ca tnh t, trng t trong mt cu.

Chc nng tnh t Adj: Adjective Adj - Tnh t l t dng ch tnh cht, mu sc, trng thi, My job is so boring 2. Tom wrotethe memorandum carelessly 2. Unfortunately,the bank was closed by the time I got here. Unit 9: Dng so snh ca tnh t Adj v trng t Adv Sau y l bng tm tt v cc dng so snh ca tnh t, trng t.

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So snh bng khng bng ; so snh hn; so snh nht. Tnh t v trng t l ch im ng php rt quan trng, trong vic nm r cc th thc so snh s gip cc bn nhn bit cu mt cch r rng v chnh xc hn. The meeting this morning didn't go Ex: The inflation rate this year is not as well as the previous one as high as last year's.

The economy this year is more fluctuating than the previous one 2. Cch thm er vo sau Adv - Nhng trng t cng dng vi tnh t, cch thm er nh bn phn Adj: Cch thm er vo sau adj - Nhng tnh t tn cng l e th thm r: Sau y l bng so snh v 2 ng t Dng Gerund- Danh ng t v To infinitive: Walking is good exercise Sau mt s ng t. I promised to vote for him resist, save, stand, suggest, tolerate, etc Ex: Lets go jogging Sau mt s tnh t happy, glad, sorry etc Ex: I would like to see your boss Sau mt s danh t surprise, fun Ex: Hes clever enough to finish Mr Tho.

Sau dislike, enjoy, hate, like, prefer din t s thch chung Ex She likes drawing in general Sau mt s cu trc: Its no use persuading him Sau cu trc: He waste his time doing meaningless things. Mnh quan h Relative clauses Mnh quan h l mt ch im quan trng, cn nm vng.

Trc khi i su hn v cc mu cht trn y, ti mun a ra mt ci nhn tng quan v nh ngha cng nh cc loi mnh quan h ch yu. Phn m rng hn v cc ch im trn, cc bn c th tham kho trong level 1.

Mnh Clause l mt phn ca cu, n c th bao gm nhiu t hay c cu trc ca c mt cu. Mnh quan h dng gii thch r hn v danh t ng trc n.

Xt v d sau: The woman who is wearing the T-shirt is my girlfriend. Trong cu ny phn c vit ch nghing c gi l mt relative clause, n ng sau the woman v dng xc nh danh t. Nu b mnh ny ra chng ta vn c mt cu hon chnh: The woman is my girlfriend. Cc dng mnh Quan h Relative Pronouns i t quan h Cch s dng Lm ch ng, i din ngi ngi Lm ch ng hoc tn ng, i din ngi vt, ng vt which B sung cho c cu ng trc n whose Ch s hu cho ngi v vt He couldnt read which surprised me.

Do you know the boy whose mother is a nurse? I was invited by the professor whom I met at the conference. V d I told you about the woman who lives next door.

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Do you see the cat which is lying on the roof? Relative adverb Trng t quan h Trng t quan h c th c s dng thay cho mt i t quan h v gii t. Cch lm ny s lm cho cu d hiu hn. This is the shop in which I bought my bike. This is the shop where I bought my bike. Dng b ng c s dng khi ngi ni khng quan tm n ch th gy ra hnh ng, ch nhn mnh n hnh ng m thi. My bike was stolen. Thnh thong, cu b ng lch s hn th ch ng Ex: A mistake was made. Trong trng hp ny, ngi ni ch nhn mnh vo mistake nhng khng khin trch ai c; nh You have made a mistake.

Th Dng b ng vi 1 tn ng ng t writes is written wrote was written Is writing Is being written Has written Has been written Had written Had been written Tn ng a letter. A letter By Rita http: Ch ng Active: Rita Hin ti n Passive: A letter Active: Rita Qu kh n Passive: Rita Hin ti tip din Passive: Rita Hin ti hon Passive: A letter thnh Qu kh hon thnh Mr Tho.

Rita Passive: A letter Actve: Rita Verb Will write Will be written Is going to write Is going to be written Will have written Will have been written Can write Can be written would write would be written would have written Object a letter. A letter By Rita a letter. A letter Cu iu kin loi Active: A letter I Cu iu kin loi Active: Rita II 2. A letter. Vic la chn tn ng no lm ch ng ph thuc vo vic bn mun nhn mnh ci g Ch ng Active: A letter Passive: A letter ng t wrote was written was written Tn ng 1 a letter to me a letter Tn ng 2 to me.

Trong qu trnh ging dy, hc sinh ca ti thng thy kh phn bit c s khc nhau gia another, the other, some v many Chnh v th, hm nay ti mun tng hp li mt s i t quan trng, xut hin thng xuyn trong k thi ng thi cng c li cho cc bn mt s kin thc chuyn su hn.

Mt vi i t khng xc inh nh sau: Cc em c th nhn ra cu ny bt u bng cc nu ra xu hng ca s liu increased sharply, theo sau l s liu c th from 10, to 12,, c b sung bi khong thi gian in the last 3 months; v cui cng l nhn xt significant growth. Xu hng S liu Thi gian Nhn xt Vy nu cc em c: Nm c cch trnh by nhn xt s liu, cc em s nhy bn hn trong vic nghe v c nhng bi m t s liu y.

Ch s liu gim mnh, nh mt vn ng vin bi li ang chun b lao xung nc. To nosedive: Gim nhanh hn c to dive hay to plunge. Hy tng tng mt chic my bay b hng v ang chi mi nose lao xung mt cch chng mt. To plummet: Rt thng xung t nh mt ch chim ang bay th ngt xu. To collapse: Mt cn nh sp , mt ngi say nng ng quay ra t, hay ng tin ca mt nc rt gi th thm, chng ta u dng t to collapse.

To soar: Tri li vi to plummet, to soar mang ngha bay vt ln trong trng hp ny l bt ng tng mnh. To soar mang hnh nh ch chim ngt xu cu 3 tnh dy v bay vt ln tri. To rocket: Chc l cc em u on c, to rocket ngha l tng vt ln trong thi gian ngn nh mt qu tn la c phng thng ln tri.

To balloon: Tng u n, dn dn nh qu bng bay c thi ngy cng to ln. Unit 12, mshoatoeic. Ni ng t Intransitive verbs L nhng ng t khng i hi c tn ng, v d nh: The meeting takes place at the Convention Center. Ngoi ng t Transitive verbs L nhng ng t i hi tn ng, v d nh sign a contract , cancel a meeting , make an appointment , etc.

Dng ch ng: Nh vy, bn cnh vic da vo giit by, cc em c th dng mo ny chn p n ng nh! No cng xem 2 v d sau: The secretary. The secretary reminds me of the meeting at 2 oclock. Th k nhc nh ti v bui hp lc 2h Mr Tho http: The package.

Sent B. Ln ny sau du l cm to the office ch khng phi l mt tn ng. The package was sent to the office 3 days ago. Trng hp c bit The new employee.. Ti sao vy nh? Ta thy trong cu trn, sau du Vy suy ra, vn phi dng B NG. Ngi nhn vin mi c cung cp mt chic my tnh mi lm vic b. Need V-ing v need to be Pii Khi ni mt chic xe cn c sa b ng , ta c th dng 2 cch: Nh v have A: I have my secretary send the package P: I have my package sent by my secretary d.

Vi cc ng t ch tri gic: Phn bit "can", "could", "be able to" "Can" , "Could", "Be able to" dch sang ting Vit u mang ngha l "c th", tuy nhin, ngi Anh li s dng n nhng trng hp khc nhau. Cng tm hiu s khc bit l g nh! Could a. Chng ta dng "could" c bit vi: Khi chng ti i vo cn nh, chng ti c th ngi c mi chy.

C y ni ging rttrm, nhng ti c th hiu c y ni g. Chng ta dng could din t ai ni chung c kh nng hay c php lm iu g: We could do what we wanted. Chng ta dng could ch kh nng ni chung general ability. Dng ph nh couldn't could not c th c dng cho tt c cc trng hp: Chng ti c gng rtnhiu nhng khng th no thuyt phc h n vi chng ti c.According to our records, your subscription to World Issues is due to next month.

Tm phn sai Incorrect Word : cu. And the essay, also known as the Test of Written English, is the hardest part of the test-one that keeps many test takers from succeeding. In addition, learners can practice their skills in all four test areas: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Our extensive selection of courses, practice tests and supplementary materials pages are developed in close collaboration with Cambridge English Language Assessment, the people who set the exams.

Mi b s ch c chia thnh nhiu cp , t s cp n nng cao, ph hp vi mi trnh hc vin, thun li cho gio vin trong vic t chc hc, ra thi v sp lp ng trnh vic hc tp v kim tra ca hc vin t kt qu mong mu n.

A local 8 locally C localize D localized.