Dear G-Spot is New York Times bestselling author Zane's long-awaited guide to what she knows better "This is a daring, delightful, and transformative book. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The hugely popular erotica author Zane gets right to the point: This is a book about fucking. This is a book about love. Dear G-Spot book. Read 26 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dear G-Spot is New York Times bestselling author Zane's long-awaite.

Dear G Spot Book

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Dear G-Spot by Zane - Dear G-Spot is New York Times bestselling author Zane's long-awaited guide to what she knows better than anyone else: love and sex. T he hugely popular erotica author Zane gets right to the point: “This is a book about fucking. This is a book about love,” she warns in the. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is.

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I wanted to open the floodgates, so to speak, on why women cheat and the underlying causes of cheating. I also wanted to explore the difference between a nymphomaniac and an addict. At the time, I had a male friend who confided in me that he slept with numerous married women. He knew that I was writing erotica, had read a few stories that set his boxers on fire, and wanted my opinion.

He asked why women would be willing to do explicit things with him that they were not willing to do with their husbands. I did not hesitate when I answered, because it was obvious to me. They did it with him because they did not fear being judged by him, nor did they care what he thought. Their husbands and serious mates were there at home with them, the fathers of their kids, and men who could hurt their feelings if their sexual behavior was taken out of context.

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I want to share a brief, real-life sex experience that someone recently emailed to me. Then I am going to ask you a question afterward.

Dear G-Spot: I realize you must receive a ton of emails from people who believe that their lives portray parts of your books. Well, here is another one. Addicted is exactly like my life.

I married my childhood sweetheart, had two wonderful kids, and I am cheating.

Unlike Zoe and Jason, my husband and I live paycheck to paycheck. So do my three lovers -- two men and one woman. They have all fallen in love with my sex, and even though they knew from the onset that I was married, none of them want to share me with my husband.

Dear G-spot

I made it clear that I was only seeking sexcapades with them. Only one of them truly knows me in the respect that I share my heart, my thoughts, my truth, and my lies with him. My husband loves me more than Jason could ever love Zoe, but I do have a sexual addiction. The sex is not good, but I am all that he knows because I was his first. Sex is too predictable for me when I have to instruct a man on what to do.

That is my only reason for cheating on him. Other than that, I am fine, he is fine, and our lives are fine. Can you suggest anything? Possibly a sex therapist for us both or something? Misery Dear Misery: You need therapy in the worst way, but I would hold off on pulling your husband into it unless you plan to tell him about your three other lovers.

Like Zoe, you are playing a very dangerous game. Any law enforcement official will tell you that the most treacherous scenario for them to enter into is a domestic one.

Emotions run high; no one is thinking clearly, and that entire "If I can't have you, no one will" mentality often kicks in. You say all three of your extra lovers are sprung. You need to get them the hell unsprung and leave them all alone. I do believe you have an addiction and it will not be easy for you to walk away.

That is why you must get help. Even though funds are tight, does either one of your jobs offer mental health counseling? Most group health insurance policies do offer it, with limitations.

Check into that, and if that does not pan out, research your local agencies. You cannot give up on your quest to get help. While you may not want to instruct your husband because of the sex ending up predictable, you have to do what you have to do to make things work.

You could possibly rent or download some porn movies and watch them together to give him ideas -- ones that you are personally feeling and would like to live out in your own bedroom.

That way it is not obvious that you are saying he is lacking. First things first, though. Go get help and let me know what happens. Blessings, Zane Most of the emails that I receive are from women who I do not think are sexual addicts, like the ones below.

Dear G-Spot

However, the woman above does appear to have a serious issue with her sexuality and it could very well be an addiction. Like most addictions, sex is used to take away pain or to temporarily ignore it. If you are not in control of your life, but your life is controlled by your sexual urges, then you need to seek help.

Many addicts -- to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex -- have to reach an all-time low before they admit to even having a problem. Sometimes that can be deadly and too late. That is why it is essential to get immediate help as soon as you recognize the symptoms. What are the symptoms of sexual addiction? Experts vary in their opinions about this, but some things seem agreed on by most. One, when a person's sexual behavior gets out of control, whether that means actually engaging in intercourse or watching pornography.He sits in his car or office after hours and turns the bottle upside down, searching for that ultimate feeling from an external source.

Possibly a sex therapist for us both or something? Addicted is exactly like my life. A crack addict does not go home for days at a time but lies up in a crack house doing drugs and not thinking about his friends and family members or the possibility that they are worried sick about his whereabouts, wondering if he is alive or dead. Most times, there is more than one contributing factor. After all, as Sean Bentley, the downloader of black fiction for Borders and Waldenbooks, points out, Zane gets a couple of shelves to herself these days.

I married my childhood sweetheart, had two wonderful kids, and I am cheating. Books by Zane.